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The Stubai Valley in Austria has been the centre for metal craftsman for well over 100 years. The Stubai co-operative was formed by a group of specialists manufacturers who saw the benefit of pooling together their skills.

The co-operative has grown and now utilises some of the most advanced metallurgy technology in construction of thier fine quality tools, engine parts and climbing equipment. is committed to stocking and selling Stubai axes and crampons all year round.

Stubai ice axes, crampons and carabiners have been used on major mountaineering expeditions throughout the world.

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Stubai Ice Axes and Crampons

    Our Price
RRP Price
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Stubai Hornet Axe Stubai Hornet Axe 70.78 77.00 6.22
Stubai Hornet Axe & Hammer Set Stubai Hornet Axe & Hammer Set 124.94 154.00 29.06
Stubai Crampon Protector Stubai Crampon Protector 9.00 10.00 1.00