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Mens Waterproof Jackets

Stay dry when you're out on the fells with our men's breathable, waterproof jackets. Our selection covers a range of products suitable for everything from hiking and mountaineering to walking down the high street.

High performance fabrics or coatings are used to maximise the performance of our waterproofs, ensuring that they are breathable, waterproof, windproof, warm and comfortable.

Our men's waterproof clothing is made by trusted brands such as Berghaus, Jack Wolfskin, OMM, Lowe Alpine and The North Face.

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Image Manufacturer
/ Model
Clothing Type Fabric
/ Material
RRP Price
Our Price
Berghaus Fastrack 3 in 1 Jacket Waterproof 3in1 Jacket AQ 180.00 162.00
Mountain Equipment Karakorum Jacket Gore Tex Waterproof Jacket Gore Tex 280.00 252.00
Didriksons Clark Parka Waterproof Insulated Jacket Cotton/Polyamide 200.00 180.00
Berghaus RG Delta Jacket Waterproof Jacket AQ2 90.00 81.00
Berghaus RG Delta 3in1 Waterproof  Jacket 3in1 Waterproof Jacket AQ2 140.00 126.00
The North Face Mountain Light Jacket Waterproof 3in1 Jacket Gore Tex 300.00 270.00
Mountain Equipment Lhotse Gore-Tex Jacket Waterproof Jacket Gore-tex Pro Shell 350.00 297.00
Berghaus Maitland Hydroloft Insulated Jacket Waterproof Jacket AQ2 170.00 153.00
Jack Wolfskin Chilly Morning Jacket Insulated Waterproof Jacket Texapore 2L 125.00 112.50
Jack Wolfskin Halifax Parka Waterproof Jacket Texapore 2L 250.00 225.00
The North Face Stratos Jacket Waterproof Jacket HyVent 2L 120.00 108.00
Salomon Beauregard Jacket Mens Waterproof Jackets climaPRO 2L 100.00 69.95
Jack Wolfskin Cloudburst Jacket Mens Waterproof Jackets Texapore 2.5L 85.00 59.94
Berghaus Fastrack Jacket Mens Waterproof Jackets AQ 2 120.00 89.98
The North Face Sequence Jacket Mens Waterproof Jackets HyVent 120.00 108.00
Lowe Alpine Teton Jacket Waterproof Jacket Triplepoint Eco 200.00 139.96
The North Face Zephyr Triclimate Jacket Waterproof Jacket HyVent 200.00 139.96
Berghaus Ulvetanna Hydrodown Parka Insulated Waterproof Jacket AQ2/Down 330.00 297.00
Jack Wolfskin Vapor Trail XT Jacket Waterproof Jacket Texapore 02 Taslite DT 2.5L 140.00 94.94
The North Face Leonidas Jacket Waterproof Jacket HyVent 2.5 200.00 129.95
The North Face Nanavik Parka Insulated Waterproof Jacket HyVent 290.00 261.00
Jack Wolfskin Iceland 3 in 1 Jacket 3 in 1 Jacket Texapore Taslan 165.00 148.44
Jack Wolfskin Cold Trail Insulated Waterproof Jacket Texapore 4X4 Oxford 2L 150.00 135.00
Jack Wolfskin Black Range Waterproof Parka Texapore Taslan 2L 160.00 109.99
The North Face Alpine Project Jacket Gore Tex Jacket Gore-Tex Active 200.00 150.00
The North Face Highland Jacket Waterproof Jacket HyVent 150.00 135.00
The North Face All Terrain Jacket Waterproof Jacket Gore-Tex 180.00 125.95
Berghaus Vinson Jacket Waterproof Jacket AQ2 120.00 74.95
The North Face Plasma Thermal Jacket PrimaLoft Insulated Waterproof Jacket Primaloft 220.00 149.95
OMM Kamleika Race Jacket Waterproof Jacket Gelanots 4 way stretch 160.00 144.00
OMM Kamleika Race Smock Waterproof Smock Gelanots 4 way stretch 140.00 126.00
The prices in this table include Value Added Tax (VAT) at 20%. Customers outside the European Union pay the price without VAT, but you may have to pay additional local taxes and/or import duties in your own country.