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Thermarest & Sleeping Mats

Sleeping on the cold, hard ground will ensure that you get a miserable night's sleep. With a camping mat or an inflatable mattress you can put some insulation between your body and the ground. This will help keep you warm and provide some additional comfort too, so you can enjoy a restful night's sleep in your tent or wherever you are crashing out.

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Image Manufacturer
/ Model
Product Type RRP Price
Our Price
Thermarest RidgeRest SOLite Regular Foam Mat 25.00 22.50
Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm Short Sleeping Mattress 120.00 108.00
Thermarest Prolite Regular Mattress 90.00 81.00
Thermarest Prolite Short Mattress 80.00 72.00
Jack Wolfskin Wolfmat Mummy 65.00 58.50
Nordisk Aften Pillow 17.00 15.30
Vango Trek Self Inflating Mat Standard self inflating mat 25.00 22.50
Nordisk Thale L 2.5 Mattress 45.00 40.50
Nordisk Thale L 3.8 Mattress 55.00 49.50
Thermarest NeoAir X Lite Regular Sleeping Mat 120.00 90.00
Vango Flocked Double Airbed Mattress 25.00 22.50
Thermarest Trekker Pillow Case Pillow Case 10.00 9.00
Compressible Pillow (Medium) Pillow 22.00 19.80
Thermarest Compack Chair Chair 40.00 30.00
Vango Adventure 5 Double Sleeping Mat 65.00 58.50
Vango Aero Short Sleeping Mat 35.00 31.50
Vango Aero Standard Sleeping Mat 45.00 40.50
The prices in this table include Value Added Tax (VAT) at 20%. Customers outside the European Union pay the price without VAT, but you may have to pay additional local taxes and/or import duties in your own country.