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Walking Poles and Accessories

Make your hike easier on your knees with a pair of walking poles!

There are many benefits to using walking poles. The main benefit is that they take the weight off your knees, especially when you are walking down hill and/or when you are carrying a heavy rucksack. Another benefit is that by using poles your arms move back and forth, providing you with additional aerobic exercise whilst you are trekking. Other uses include using your sticks to find safe passage through boggy ground and holding up tarps or tent doors.

We also stock accessories for walking poles and other useful items for walking such as pedometers.

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Image Manufacturer
/ Model
Product Type RRP Price
Our Price
Leki Albula Lite AS Anti Shock Trekking Poles 110.00 74.95
Leki Micro Stick Carbon 120cm Folding Trekking Poles 130.00 89.95
LEKI Softlite Antishock Trekking Pole (Pair) Anti-shock Trekking Poles 90.00 81.00
LEKI Moldona Antishock Trekking Pole (Pair) Anti-shock Trekking Poles 80.00 54.95
LEKI Softlite Trekking Pole (Pair) Trekking Poles 80.00 72.00
LEKI terrano Walking Poles (Pair) Trekking Pole 70.00 63.00
LEKI Trail  AntishockTrekking Poles (Pair) Anti Shock Trekking Poles 70.00 63.00
LEKI Voyager Walking Poles (Pair) walking pole 50.00 45.00
LEKI Albula Lite Antishock Trekking Poles (Pair) walking pole 110.00 99.00
LEKI Micro Vario Titanium Folding Poles (Pair) Walking Poles 130.00 89.95
LEKI Walking Pole Basket (Pair) Walking Pole Baskets 7.00 6.30
LEKI Rubber Walking Pole Tips (Pair) Walking Pole Tip 7.50 6.74
LEKI Tungsten Carbide Walking Pole Tips (Pair) Walking Pole Tips 10.00 9.00
LEKI Silent Spike Pads (Pair) Pole Tips 20.00 18.00
The prices in this table include Value Added Tax (VAT) at 20%. Customers outside the European Union pay the price without VAT, but you may have to pay additional local taxes and/or import duties in your own country.