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Lightweight Tents & Camping Equipment Advice

CheapTents specialises in selling top quality tents and camping equipment at discount prices. We have operated in this industry for almost 20 years, and 7 years of that online, so when it comes to giving outdoor gear advice, we know our stuff!

CheapTents have become specialists in selling lightweight and ultralight outdoor clothing and camping equipment and are now relied upon by regular customers. Our range of outdoor gear has always featured lightweight gear, which means we have built a great understanding and reputation for selling some of the best ultralight and lightweight outdoor gear available for backpacking, adventure racing, lightweight expeditions and a variety of other outdoor activities.

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Why is lightweight camping and outdoor gear so important?

Lightweight gear is amongst the most technologically advanced outdoor clothing and camping equipment available. This is because it uses the specially advanced technologies which serve the same core purposes as 'regular weight' outdoor gear, but at a reduced weight.

Outdoor Sports: Outdoor sports enthusiasts and athletes have come to value lightweight camping and sports equipment because of the way it enhances their performance, hence the increasingly popular manufacture of ultralight tents, clothing and equipment. Adventure runners, backpackers and mountain bikers are amongst those looking to shave every gram off their pack weight.

Lightweight Backpacking and Travel: It's important to realise that whilst you're travelling around the world, taking a gap year, or backpacking for a weekend in the fells, you will greatly appreciate good quality, lightweight clothing and equipment, as no one else is going to offer to carry your backpack for you!

Reduced pack weight: By reducing the weight of the gear you are carrying with you, it means that you are putting less strain on your legs, making yourself less top heavy and more than likely reducing your pack size which means you can squeeze through more crevasses!

Reduced clothing weight: Agility is helped by reduced friction against key areas of your body's movement. By having less weight, you are reducing the gravitational pull of your gear towards the ground, when most people want to be moving forward. Importantly, lightweight and ultralight equipment often means less bulk, which too helps to reduce the friction of clothing against your body and make it easier to conquer another mountain!

Packing Your Backpack

Prioritise. When packing your backpack, like many people I expect you think of an occasion (however remote) where you might actually need the kitchen sink. Well, the chances are you won't, so don't pack it. The rule is, when your lightweight packing, is to focus on absolute need and emergency need, which includes at the very least: water, food, shelter, warmth and safety.

Ask yourself these questions when packing your rucksack:

  1. Do I need it? Throw out luxury items. 'Luxury' means different things to different people but try and stretch yourself with removing these items, as it makes a huge difference to the way you enjoy the outdoors.
  2. How many times will I use it? Just the once - is it worth it?
  3. Can something else replace it? Can it double-up as something else?
  4. Can I share the weight with someone else (e.g. backpackers often share the weight of a tent)
  5. If I was caught-out without it, would I be in a safe and secure situation?

Note: Don't make any cut-back where it might compromise your safety or others.

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Make sure you have the best lightweight outdoor gear

The gear you wear and use makes up the weight that you have to carry - try and consider lightweight outdoor gear as a quick and effective way of reducing your weight load, but make sure you do actually need it first! A specialty of is providing lightweight equipment to campers and outdoor sports enthusiasts who are keen to buy top brands at discount prices. If you're new to specialist lightweight gear, then here are a few items of very lightweight outdoor gear that you might consider investing in...

Ultralight and Lightweight Camping Equipment:

ultralight tents lightweight
Ultralight tents and lightweight tents - a very popular piece of outdoor kit, these spectacularly clever and technologically advanced lightweight tents and ultralight tents are one of's top sellers. Adventure racers and backpackers find that these tents are more than adequate and can weigh less than 1-2kg. The Vaude Power Lizard SUL 1P is a great example of an ultralight tent, weighing in at a mere 830g.
Lightweight bivi bags ultralight
Bivi Bags - if you're looking for a truly ultralight camping experience, consider a bivi bag. Simply climb into your sleeping bag and bivi bag, and sleep under the stars in a very minimalist and lightweight form of camping.
Ultralight down sleeping bags
Down sleeping bags - although you can get lightweight synthetic sleeping bags, the real gains are to be found in the high-loft, warm, ultralight down sleeping bags - a superb investment as getting a good night sleep is vital to enjoying the outdoors.
Thermarest Prolite Camp Mat Roll
Lightweight camping mat - some hardcore minimalist campers may see any sort of camping mat as a luxury, whereas others see lightweight camp mats as more about getting a good night sleep to aid their recovery and performance the next day.
Ultralight rucksack lightweight backpack
Lightweight rucksack / backpack - many outdoor people, regardless of whether they are fell runners or backpackers value the weight savings in having a strong yet lightweight rucksack or backpack. Your comfort, speed and agility often correlate with the style of pack that you use. Always choose a specialist, lightweight rucksack or backpack if at all possible.
Ultralight camping stoves lightweight
Ultralight camping stoves - camping stoves have come along way with ultralight versions being available with little, if any, loss to burning and boiling time. Many ultralight camping stoves weigh less than 150-200g making eating a warm, nutritious meal on the hill easy and lightweight.
Titanium Cutlery Ultralight
Titanium cutlery - Tired of carrying around cheap cutlery only to break it half way through your Wayfayrer meal? Try titanium cutlery - ultralight weight and incredibly strong.

Ultralight and Lightweight Clothing & Footwear:

Lightweight Waterproof Jackets Trousers
Lightweight waterproof jackets - lightweight jackets that are waterproof have been developed by manufacturers for outdoor sports enthusiasts and for stuffing away in your backpack for those 'just in case' occasions. has a great selection of lightweight waterproof jackets and trousers available from some of the very best outdoor brands.
Lightweight softshell jackets
Softshell jackets - for a warm layer, consider a softshell / windproof fleece. Softshell jackets provide the warmth of a fleece, water repellency, breathability and endurance with toughened wear-areas, and promote agility for outdoor sports enthusiasts.
Lightweight Trousers Ultralight Trekking
Lightweight trekking trousers - important piece of kit for those trekkers, looking to stay warm, and take advantage of lightweight hard-wearing trousers that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities.
Thermarest Prolite Camp Mat Roll
Running shorts - handy to wear whilst your washing your trousers, or simply for running or walking in warmer weather. Running shorts are a great way to save space, weight and stay comfortable in warmer conditions. Even in the rain, runners and walkers often wear them as it means they are not carrying around excess mud and water in their clothing.
Ultralight rucksack lightweight backpack

Baselayers - baselayers, or base layer tops and bottoms, are quick drying, fast wicking and reduce odour. Avoid cotton t-shirts as they loose insulative properties and gain weight when wet. baselayers are a very important of anyone's layering system and is highly recommended! Baselayer underwear - outdoor clothing manufacturers have even gone to effort of keeping people comfortable by designing baselayer boxers and pants.

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Weight saving tips:

  1. A decent cooking pan can work as a eating bowl, and, you guessed it, a cooking pan! Do you really need a plate and a bowl?
  2. How many tent pegs do you need for the weather? You can now get ultralight tent pegs?
  3. Many baselayers are quick drying, wicking, low odour and so can be worn again and again, and dry quickly after a quick wash.
  4. Share the weight of your tent - is a two man lightweight tent lighter than two ultralight one man tents?
  5. Down sleeping bags are far lighter (weight to warmth ratio is better).
  6. Toiletries - shaving gel is heavy and bulky, consider shaving oil or go without. Don't go over board and throw-away your deodorant - going lightweight isn't worth losing your friends over! Empty your toothpaste and other liquids into smaller containers - taking just what you need. Consider taking a mini toothbrush too, and leaving the hairdryer.
  7. Take a single lightweight camping stove rather than a double-hob camping stove, just cook one thing at a time and eat it as it comes off the hob
  8. Stainless steel or titanium cutlery and a multi-tool pen-knife will be the only utensils and tools you'll need
  9. Food - sauce sachets help to make any meal interesting! Tins are heavy - try Wayfayrer meals as these are very popular with lightweight enthusiasts.
  10. Drinks - decant drinks from glass and plastic bottles into a Platypus or Camelbak bladder.
  11. Money - always spend your lose change before you break into a note.
  12. First aid kit - take everything you need, or might need - don't make any cutbacks.
  13. Learn - when you make mistakes, learn from it, speak to others and find innovative soloutions. It's more a matter of attitude and eagerness to continually learn to be a lighter lightweight backpacker than through a single fix.

Items to avoid:

  1. Camping chairs and tables - just find a couple of rocks, or sit on the floor.
  2. Synthetic sleeping bags (down sleeping bags are much lighter for the same comfort temperature).
  3. Too many clothes - buy quick drying clothing and wash it before you go to bed.
  4. Heavy-duty inflatable mattresses - ridiculously heavy!
  5. Camping stoves that are bulky and require bulky gas canisters - mini lightweight stoves are available.

Go wild camping with an ultralight tent!

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