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We recently contacted Kit Deslauriers recently to ask for an interview from one of the most prolific ski-mountaineering athletes in the world. Each time she hits a mountain, she faces all the challenges of mountaineering but with one huge bonus, free-skiing off the summit!

Kit Deslauriers’ Background

Kit Deslauriers

Kit Deslauriers - Professional Ski Mountaineer

Prior to becoming a professional mountain skier, Kit found her skills in mountaineering appreciated whilst volunteering as part of the San Miguel County Search and Rescue Team in Colorado, USA.

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We talk about adventure running, fell running and trail running all the time on the blog and with our customers. But did you know we actually take part in races too.

Paul, the Product and Retail Manager is a keen runner – he regularly takes part in road races around the 10km and the occasional fell race. Each winter he selects a handful of off-road races, usually Fell race and set’s about competing. Although, he does state:

I’m not competitive with keeping times or anything, but just like to compete with myself…It’s a good way of keeping fit and giving you something to train for.

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Welsh news this week has reported an intrigued trekker from Wales discovering a sign pointing to his hometown, Llandudno!

It must be altitude sickness?!

Reaching almost, 4,000m on his way-up to Everest’s Base Camp, James Thomas was greeted by a the painted wooden sign, pointing the way back to Llandudno

James Thomas had reached almost 4,000 metres on his way to Base Camp when he was greeted by the painted wooden sign pointing the way back to Llandudno, in north Wales.

James said:

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Recently, we contacted the world-class professional climber Daniel Woods for an interview.  Daniel is one of The North Face’s sponsored climbers and to help us get an understanding of what it is like for a young professional climber he kindly accepted the invitation for an interview…

Daniel Woods’ Background

Image Source: danielwoods.us

Image source: danielwoods.us

Born in 1989, Daniel has had a resounding climbing career for someone so young.  Daniel has put his stamp on bouldering from a very young age – entering his first competition when he was just 8 years old!  Since then he has continued to test the capabilities of a climber on some of the toughest climbs around.  He takes great pride in testing his climbing abilities across both bouldering and sport climbing of which he his topping the scale of difficulty ratings in both sports.  (See career highlights at the bottom).

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Climbing techniques and training methods is the focus for this ‘Talented Climbers Day’ in Rochdale.  For those fortunate enough to be invited by the British Mountaineering Council, they will get the chance to learn and from the BMC’s most experienced climbers; and thus providing tips and and advice to help develop future climbing talent.

The BMC states:

The participators will climb both routes and boulder problems in a similar format to a Youth Climbing Series event. However, the emphasis will be on climbing technique and strengths and weaknesses, rather than a formal competition.

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Always happy to help

Here at CheapTents.com, we are keen to provide as much help and understanding for people interested in outdoor sports and activities, so we have compiled a great range of advice on outdoor sports gear, travel and camping in our outdoor blog and on our website so that you are never a click away from the help that you need.

Glossary of Terms, Definitions and More…

In addition to the regular posting of gear reviews, athlete interviews, advice and more, we have compiled a glossary of outdoor gear definitions to help you with understanding the technology available in today’s outdoor clothing and equipment.

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We have a very exciting interview coming very soon for visitors of the CheapTents.com blog but we thought it would be best to introduce a few other intricacies of bouldering and the terminology used in facing a climb. We hope this help and advice page will be helpful!

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope but with crash pads, and normally limited to relatively short climbs so that a fall will not result in serious injury. Bouldering draws on the more technical aspects of climbing, where the difficulty in the climb lends new challenges to the climber that tackles them.

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Having spent the weekend walking near Tower Wood by Windemere in Cumbria, I am now feeling as invigorated as ever, but noticing some aches and pains in my feet and ankles…why, you ask?  Well the lack of walking boots for one!

Mountain Bike Shoes as Walking Boots?

The weekend was meant to be one for camping and mountain biking around the more accessible trails around Windemere with my girlfriend, but after constant flat tyres and no time to get rim tape to fix the trouble, we decided to go for a hike around the Windemere’s surrounding hills…

View Larger Map

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There’s some exciting news as a new mountain has been discovered by three walkers in Wales.

I’m not sure about you but there are lots of hills where I am convinced they are actually mountains in hiding…anyway the BBC reports:

Mynydd Graig Goch in Snowdonia was originally put at 1,998ft (609m), just short of the magic 2,000ft (609.6m) that qualifies as a mountain.

But the walkers found its true height is six inches over 2,000ft (609.75m).

This is exciting stuff for those hill baggers, who get a free mountain thrown into their mountain bag for free! Wales now has 190 mountains, and the Ordnance Survey will now be updating it’s data right away.

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Round the world travel (RTW) is probably one of the best ways to spend a gap year.  I spent 8 months doing some traveling after graduating from University in 2005, and thought I would share a bit of an insight into the whats, hows, whys and whens to help you along your way bit.

RTW Tickets: Deciding Where to Go

Before going traveling, I spent a year dreaming and planning about where I should go.  I was going with my girlfriend so some compromises (or persuasion) had to take place but generally our ignorance led us to go to some of the most exciting and diverse places we could.

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