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Looking for an indoor climbing wall in the UK?  Near Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Warrington, London, Wales, Scotland? Here’s where to find it…

List of Climbing Walls

You can download a list of climbing walls created by the BMC here.  This directory of climbing walls is a fantastic way to keep you engaged in climbing by challenging yourself on new walls in your region, or anywhere across the UK!

Give climbing a go!

Learning to rock climb is often easier indoors, out of the elements, and teamed up with an instructor.  So if you’ve never tried, make sure you book yourslef in for a few lessons and wear the right climbing equipment!

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Having recently travelled to India I was gutted to find out that I had missed out on an opportunity to visit the Indian Mountaineering Foundation Museum in New Delhi. I found some information about the museum on a tourist map but neither the address nor the location of the museum were actually shown on the map. A taxi driver told me that it was a long way off and, since I was running short of time I abandoned the idea. However it turned out that the museum was just round the corner from my hotel so I could have gone there after all!

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You may remember, a while ago we wrote this fun quiz asking whether you are serious about reducing the weight of your backpack, when out running, walking, climbing or riding, asking: are you a lightweight?

Ultralight Specialists

Years and years of working in the outdoor industry, has led us into our very own niche…one that we proudly can say that we are probably the biggest and best and doing what we do: selling the lightest gear at reduced prices, throughout the year. No seasonal discounting for us – low prices all year!

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Berghaus Short Sleeve Tech T came 1st in Country Walking magazine’s test of baselayers / active outdoor t-shirts.

Baselayers and Thermalwear

Your baselayer is one of the most underestimated items of gear.  You should read more about  the importance of baselayers, but the generally you need to make sure they are part of your gear list, in addition to a thermal / fleece mid-layer or insulated layer and a shell / waterproofs.

Berghaus Tech-T Baselayer Product Specification

Argentium is an engineered polyester fabric exclusive to Berghaus.  Argentium offers permanent moisture management and wicking properties through the use of a denier gradient knit structure and channeled yarns.

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Headlines over the weekend have been highlighting what has been some of the worst storms to face ‘The Original Mountain marathon’, causing it to be called off for the first time in it’s 40 year history.

The Original Mountain Marathon, near Keswisk, Cumbria

Each year several hundred people take part in the Original Mountain Marathon, a fell run over very challenging terrain in the Lake District.

It involves teams of two, carrying all their running gear, clothing, equipment, ultralight tent, sleeping bag, and their food for 36 hours, during the run. They must also navigate their own route and camp out overnight.

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Just found this online and wanted to share…

If you’re into climbing or getting into it, check out this video. Remember, be safe out there kids!

Remember: climbing can be dangerous if not done properly, under the right supervision or using the right gear.  Always wear a climbing helmet, harness, use ascenders and descenders, the right karabiners and quickdraws, passive protection, and use the best climbing slings and climbing accessories.

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The North York Moors National Park Authority is considering the idea of placing some low cost, eco-friendly camping huts along a popular walkers route, the Cleveland Way National Trail.

Accessibility right along the trail

The idea is that the 109 mile national trail is made even more accessible to families and groups, by developing eco-huts, essentially mountain bothies, along the route.

The Cleveland trail takes you from Helmsley to Filey, via Saltburn, a very scenic walk for a long weekend following the Heritage Coast by Scarborough.

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About Renan Ozturk

As a climber, Renan Ozturk has made quite a name for himself, but so too has his artwork.  We are delighted to have such an inspired and inspiring mountaineer take the time out to provide us with an interview, here’s a little about him…

Renan Ozturk - Pro Climber & Artist

Renan Ozturk - Pro Climber & Artist

Along with a select few, Renan is sponsored by The North Face to climb all over the world.

Renan has combined the two great passions of his life and become a very well accredited climber and artist in his own right.

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Kevin Thaw’s Top 10 Tips for calling your mum from Everest’s summit

Kevin Thaw is a technical whiz on expeditions around the world.  Summiting Everest is one thing, but then imagine being given the task of dealing with communications too!  Considering there aren’t any phone boxes up there or internet cafe’s it’s quite a responsibility…

Chatting to your mates on top of Mount Everest is possible though, just follow these tips provided by Kevin Thaw in an interview with the timesonline.co.uk…

  1. Keep your mobile under your armpit or in your pocket – the cold wears the battery down faster
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Help getting sponsorship…

We realise it’s not easy breaking into the professional world of outdoor sports.  The British Mountaineering Council have been lobbying for many years for more funding and increased status of outdoor sports, so we know it’s not easy.

We can help you increase your profile…

If you’re an amateur outdoor sports person we might be able to give you the leg up that you need to increase your profile and get sponsored by one of the big outdoor brands out there. Being seen to be actively in the public limelight is a major advantage.

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags