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Onto the Antarctic Plateau

On 11/11/08 Adam Wilton and Gavin Booth set off on an expedition to the South Pole. Adam and Gavin are well past 88 degrees now. Man hauling their sleds for a staggering 10.5 hours per day they are becoming tired and hungry. They are losing weight and feeling the cold.

We are now properly on the plateaux though, so flatter terrain. Both glad to tick off another day.

Their height on the plateau is about 2700 meters, 1000 meters of which they climbed in the past week. Fortunately there is only another 135 meters left for them to climb to the South Pole.

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Paul Bride, Photographer and Adventurer

Paul Bride, Outdoor Photographer

We love getting inspiring outdoor athletes on for interviews and have another one this week who kindly gave up there time to answer a few questions for CheapTents.com readers!

Paul Bride a photographer of whom work has been seen in the Rock & Ice magazine and multiple.  Here’s a bit more about Paul and his adventures…

About Paul Bride

Paul Bride is an adventurer & travel photographer/videographer specialising in expeditions with a focus on climbing and travel. Paul’s work appears consistently in the climbing and outdoor world – in high profile . He currently resides in Squamish British Columbia Canada.

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CheapTents.com contacted Mikael Strandberg just a couple of days ago, along with a select few other MSR sponsored adventurers…and he kindly agreed to give us an insight into the life of this prolific adventurer…literally one of whom who has traveled into virgin territory on remarkable expeditions.

Mikael Strandberg, Explorer and Adventurer

Mikael Strandberg, Explorer and Adventurer

Mikael Strandberg was born in 1962 in Sweden. He started his professional career as an explorer 19 years ago. The multi-talented Mikael is currently working as an explorer, a lecturer and a writer. Mikael has also produced three internationally renowned documentaries for television “PATAGONIA – 3,000 kilometres by horse” and “THE MASAAI PEOPLE – 1,000 kilometres by foot” and his much awarded, “-58 degrees – exploring Siberia on skis.”

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As you know, we are always on the look out for amazing outdoor people that achieve such amazing things in their chosen outdoor sport, and today is no exception.

Alison Gannett

Alison Gannett, alisongannet.com

About Alison Gannett

Alison Gannett is a world champion big mountain free skier, and if you didn’t think this was enough she is also a ski film star, mountain biker and an award-winning consultant for solutions to climate change.

Here’s the interview…

CheapTents.com: What inspired you to get into outdoor sports?

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South Pole Expedition Pushes Past 86.5 Degrees

On Friday 12th November, Adam Wilton and Gavin Booth passed the 86.5 degree line on their way to the South Pole. Adam and Gavin have been walking across the Antarctic for nearly five weeks now. They estimate that they will reach the South Pole on New Year’s Day.

With the snow softer and sastrugi less extreme, they have been able to ski instead of walk. This has meant using different muscles and has given a much needed rest to the muscles that are used for walking. They are pulling all of their expedition gear, including their tent and their food, on sleds without any help from dogs or snow-mobiles.

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We’ve helped promote a number of charitable events and challenges lately, including the UK Everest Challenge and the competitor raising money for charity by running the Marathon des Sables…but when I heard about the following story in my local news I was particularly overwhelmed.

Coast 2 Coast Walk

Tom Buckley is 23 years old, and is walking the coast to coast route after being diagnosed with terminal cancer of the brain.  Doctors believe he has just months to live.

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The very first iROC™ will take place on the 18th & 19th of April 2009, where participants can

race around a spectacularly beautiful part of the Durham Dales.  You can read more about the iRoc Race here.

iRoc is the first race of it’s kind by Inov8 footwear:

iROC™ will be an innovative and exciting adventure racing weekend in the Durham Dales featuring six different races that will include mountain biking, running and orienteering. Points will be awarded for places and there will be a £2,000 prize pot for the overall winners across all six races!

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What is orienteering?

According to British Orienteering, the National Governing Body for the sport of orienteering in the United Kingdom,

Orienteering is an exciting outdoor adventure sport which takes place in varying terrain over various distances. The aim is to navigate in sequence between a set of control points marked on a unique orienteering map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. The standard orienteering distance is known as a ‘classic or long distance’ race however modernisation of the sport has introduced the ‘middle distance’ race and ‘sprint distance’ race.

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Update: We no longer stock the Voyager Superlite and instead recommend The North Face Triarch tent which has similar specifications.

About Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a UK company, based in Derbyshire specialising in ultra lightweight and mountain tents.

The drive to surpass even our most exacting customers’ expectations leads to new developments being made throughout Terra Nova. Most recently we beat our own Guinness World Record for the lightest tent in the world with the Laser Competition, weighing just 940g complete or 860g at its’ minimum weight.
At Terra Nova our aim is to continually extend our horizons and our outdoor product range in order for us to achieve our mission to be ‘Best in Class’.

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UK Everest Challenge has been busy training for their 10 peaks in 5 days UK Everest Challenge, totally amazing effort on behalf of 4 very worthy charities – certainly worth reading the article for more information!

Here though is a break-down of just one day’s training of Bryn and Darren as they prepare themselves for what is to be a spectacular feet!

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags