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Kendal Mountain Festival dates for 2009 have been confirmed, this years festival will again run as a four day event!  And having supported the promotion of 2008’s Kendal Mountain Festival, we thought it was only right to continue with that support right throughout 2009 too for this year’s…

Kendal Mountain Festival 2009

Dates are 19th – 22nd November 2009, so make sure you get your accommodation booked now to be ahead of the crowd!  People frequently prefer to stay local to the festival for the convenience of everything and to soak up the atmosphere so if you’re planning on going book the time off work and book your accommodation now!

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You might have heard of social media and/or social bookmarking sites, well here’s an intro into the topic to help you along the way!

Simply click on one of these icons to bookmark the content you want to your social bookmarking account – give it a go!!

Outdoor People and Social Media

What is Social Media?

Social media is the online version of the pub.  You know when you’ve been out walking in the Lakes and you duck in to the local pub at the end of your trail, covered in mud and looking forward to that first pint and a hearty roast dinner, sharing stories of how you were nearly blown off a cliff in a gale once, and how your new waterproof jacket from your new favourite outdoor shop is even better than what you hoped it would be…social media is just like that!

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I bought some SealSkinz Mountain Bike Gloves at the weekend and I’ve got to say, they are the best gloves I have ever had! So anyway, here’s my review of the SealSkinz Mountain Biking Gloves

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Really, they are the best waterproof mountain bike gloves, ever!

Gloves are quite a personal purchase in my opinion – you can see from the wide array of gloves on sale that they have so many different purposes and a whole range of technical and comfort features.

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Please share this warning with fellow walkers!

There has been an avalanche warning put out by the Live for the Outdoors forum around the Snowdonia area, as there has been instances of snow falling away from cornices.  Here are the tips provided by the article advising on walking in the hills, especially avalanche prone areas….

  1. If you are sinking in over ankle deep, just maybe you shouldn’t be there..
  2. Avoid leeward slopes (if the wind’s blowing from the north the leeward slope is the south side).
  3. Know that slopes are at their most dangerous between 25º and 50º- even low angle innocuous looking slopes can avalanche.
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We proudly announced just a couple of weeks ago that we would be selling Lightwave backpacking tents very soon…well the time has arrived to announce, that yes indeed, they are now up for sale in the camping shop.

Lightwave T1 Trek Tents

Lightwave is a UK company specialising in lightweight, highly functional tents and make some of the best backpacking tents available. So are an extra-special addition to our range of discounted tents.

Lightwave Tent Backpacking

Key features and uses of Lightwave tents include:

  • Great range of backpacking tents – lightweight and small pack-size tents that are great for squeezing into the bottom of your weekend backpack.
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If you remember one thing before embarking on a winter walk in in Cumbria or any other hilly place, make sure you prepare.

We have talked about preparations before including my stupidity, another count of my stupidity and other people’s less clever decisions.

The Types of Preparation

Preparation doesn’t just mean simply packing and wearing the right outdoor gear, it also means planning where you will be going and worst case scenarios.

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Climber, Duncan Tunstall, is currently fighting against a debilitating brain tumour and will be heading out to South America on a true climbing adventure.

New Climbing Route

Duncan and his team will be tackling a new route that has developed up the unclimbed summits of either Monte Roncagli or Monte Bove, which can be found on an island on the southernmost tip of South America.

Standing at around 7,500ft, they are not the highest he has climbed but their changeable weather systems and isolated location means they have not proven popular with walkers.  Duncan however is not deterred.

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Recently we contacted the incredibly talented climber and comedian Timothy O’Neil who kindly agreed to an interview with the CheapTents.com outdoor sports blog.

We’ve been really quite fortunate to get such prolific outdoor sports people onto the blog in recent months and it is a great pleasure to see another fine star, Timothy O’Neil, providing a great insight into the adventures and misadventures of his antics!  🙂

You might also be interested in the interviews we have been lucky-enough to receive with other professional climbers and mountaineers…

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Lightwave Tent BackpackingWe can proudly announce that in just 2 weeks we will be selling an excellent range of Lightwave tents.

Update: Lightwave Tents are now available!  See Lightwave Tents here!!!

Here at CheapTents.com, we truly love lightweight tents that can take a bit of battering from the weather people face in the UK and beyond.  It’s why we have become so fond of the build-quality of the Lightwave range of tents.  We think they are certainly amongst the best tents available and don’t use the words ‘best tents’ lightly!

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The Strathpuffer 24 is the world’s only winter 24 hour MTB race with 17 hours of darkness.  A truly punishing race for those with a strong temperament to push themselves around the clock.

The course looks something like the following:

Click on image to zoom in

Click on image to zoom in

…it’s actually a little shorter than the course in the image, as each lap is about 11km but each year it’s slightly different.

Who’s it suitable for?

It’s suitable for advanced and very experienced mountain bikers.  Those with a good level of fitness and excellent endurance.  This is really not a race for the feint-hearted!

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