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Ironman UK logo

Ironman Triathlon Bolton

Ironman is a name that has become synonymous with the triathlon event:swimming, cycling and running. The first Ironman event took place in Hawaii in 1978. Since then it has become a global phenomena. In 2010 there will be 25 Ironman races held in 16 countries worldwide.

“Swim 2.4 miles! Bike 112 miles! Run 26.2 miles! Brag for the rest of your life” Ironman registered trademark.

Top athletes can compete the course in just over 8 hours, however to finish the race, participants must complete all three sections within 15 hours. All finishers are entitled to call themselves an Ironman!

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Google is constantly seeking new information which it likes to share with the online world. One of the best examples of this is mapping. Satellite images are available for all to see on Google Earth. Google Maps not only features maps and aerial views, but for many parts of the world we can see what it looks like at street level with Google Street View. An immeasurable number of miles of roads in western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the USA have been photographed at road level. This is done using cars with 360 degree cameras mounted on the roof. The Google cars simply drive around filming our roads and streets.

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We were recently contacted by Living Water International about a running event called “Running Water” which is due to take place this year. Runner Abe Clark is going to run a staggering 2,860 miles across the entire width of the USA. Abe is taking on this challenge in order to raise money for the charity which helps to provide clean water for people in developing countries. For many people in Africa obtaining water can be a laborious and time consuming task. According to the UK Department for International Development (DFID)…Abe Clark's Running Water Logo

Households in rural Africa spend an average of 26% of their time fetching water.

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In August last year we wrote about Birdfair and Birdlife International and their conservations campaigns, including the Save the Albatross Campaign. The Adventure Blog has reported that in February 2010 New Zealander Hayley Shephard will attempt to sea kayak solo around South Georgia Island in order to raise awareness of the threat which the Albatross is currently facing.

South Georgia is home to a number of Albatross species and to attempt a solo sea kayak journey for the Plight of the Albatross can only capture a fascinated audience to encourage protection of one of the worlds most precious of seabirds.

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Mourne way marathon runners

Mourne way marathon runners - image by Whisper Twomey

The 2010 Mourne Way Marathon is set to take place on Saturday 12 June 2010. After the sucess of last years event it is once again set to attract runners from Ireland, the UK and Europe to compete in what is fast becoming the most talked about off road marathon in Ireland.

In an added twist to this years event there will be the “Mourne Way Ultra Marathon” – a back to back marathon event which will see runners run off road across 52 miles (84km) of the best scenery that Northern Ireland has to offer in an “out and back” format.

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Mountaineering Ethics will help protect the Mountain Environment.

Mountaineering Ethics will help protect the Mountain Environment. Source: Flickr by dino_olivieri.

To coincide with International Mountain Day 2009, the UIAA International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation released their new code of Mountaineering and Climbing Ethics.

The UIAA’s bold summary encompasses the thinking behind the declaration:

Stretch Your Limits, Lift Your Spirits, Aim for the Top!

The mountaineering and climbing ethics code encompasses the following twelve points, which I have summarised below:

  1. Individual Responsibility – Be responsible for yourself, for others and for the environment.
  2. Team Spirit – Support and encourage your climbing team members.
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Tom Stewart, the owner of Rock Over Climbing, has announced that a new bouldering centre is coming to Manchester!

Rock over climbing bouldering centre

Rock over climbing announce new bouldering centre to open in Manchester City Centre

ROCK OVER CLIMBING will be situated in the city centre (somewhere within a 3 minute walk from Victoria station) and will open early in 2010. It will be the largest dedicated bouldering centre this side of the Pennines, with over 250 routes set for all abilities. There will be something for everyone including kids, beginners, everyday climbers and the best climbers in the country.

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Gorple Rocks on Black Moor in the Pennines.

It was a chilly winters morning in December when I was at a loose end in Burnley, East Lancashire. I could have mooched around the town centre shops attempting to procure some Christmas presents. No thanks. A spot of walking in the bleak Pennine moors to the south east of the town was a much better prospect. So I headed up to the picturesque little village of Hurstwood on the edge of the moors, since the map showed that there was a car park.

The plan was to walk past Hurstwood reservoir and join the Pennine Bridleway, following it eastwards across Hameldon Moor up to Black Moor. Then I would make my way back to Hurstwood across Worsthorne Moor past Cant Clough reservoir. It pretty much went to plan.

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