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What is a Rucksack Cover?

They are usually made from lightweight, waterproof, ripstop fabric and are secured around your rucksack with elasticated drawcord. When not in use they can be packed away into their own little stuff sack.

Snugpak Backpack Covers are available in small, medium and large to fit different sizes of rucksacks. Small fits uo to 25 litre rucksacks, medium fits up to 35 litre rucksacks and large fits up to 45 litre rucksacks.

Do I Need a Rucksack Cover?

The purpose of rucksack / Backpack covers is to protect your rucksack from the rain, but are they really necessary?

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On the 14th of January I wrote about Hayley Shephard’s solo kayaking trip around South Georgia. She is taking on this adventure to raise awareness of the plight of the Albatross. An enormous threat to this magnificent sea bird is due to long-line fishing practices. Fortunately, simple changes can be implemented which dramatically reduce Albatross fatalities. The RSPB and BirdLife International are working with the international fishing industry to bring about these changes. This is taking time but the results so far are encouraging.

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If you’re thinking about walking up Ben Nevis this could be the most important post that you will ever read!

At 1,344 m, Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Scotland and the UK. As such it is a very popular mountain for people to climb. It is often attempted by inexperienced hikers who have no idea of the scale of the task or of the potential dangers involved. Many people attempt the summit of Ben Nevis without taking proper outdoor gear.

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Update: We are no longer stocking the Arete Tour 40 Extrem and instead recommend The North Face Prophet 40, which is part of the Summit Series that is designed for specifically for mountaineering.

Berghaus 40 litre rucksack back system

The Fusion 2 back system is comfortable and well ventilated.

The Berghaus Arete Tour 40 Extrem rucksack is a high end, medium sized backpack suitable for climbing, scrambling, mountaineering, ski mountaineering and ski touring. It is made from durable fabric, has a solid construction and is packed with features.

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Extreme Sports Map LogoHave you ever been climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, skateboarding and found a great new place for some exciting action? Perhaps you’ve found a place that’s not the best but its close to home and offers the opportunity to get a bit of practice in, just to help keep your skills up to speed? Or maybe you’re going somewhere new and looking for the best place for some extreme sport action? If you want to share your favourite places or find something new then one place to look is Extreme Sports Map!

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Green fields and chalk cliffs of the Isle of Wight Coastline

Isle of White Coastline. Source: Wikimedia Commons by Barbara Murdter.

If someone asked you where the best place to go walking or hiking in the British countryside is, whereabouts would you think of? In the UK we have lots of beautiful countryside and we are certainly spoilt for choice. The first place that I would think of would be one of our National Parks, probably the Lake District, or the Highlands of Scotland. For countryside which is less rugged, possibly the White Peak or the South Downs would come to mind. One place that would probably not spring to mind is the Isle of Wight. Yet the Isle of Wight walking festival is advertised as “The UK’s Largest Walking Festival.” As of 2010, it is in its twelfth year and with around 300 walks over two weeks there is certainly plenty of opportunities to do some walking. Indeed, some 24,500 people took part in the 2009 festival!

The Island has over 500 miles of well-maintained and signposted footpaths around 30 miles of Heritage Coastline, while more than half of the Island is recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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A pothole in the road

A Pothole. Cyclists watch out!

About a year ago I was cycling home from work and came a cropper when I hit a pot hole in the road.

The road in question is in the countryside, just on the edge of the city. There are no street lights and it was a dark, rainy winters night. I have a Cat-Eye Power Opti-Cube LED bike light, which I am very pleased with. It provides enough light to see where you are going when it is dark, but when faced with the glare of the headlights of on-coming traffic it is impossible to see the road surface.

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags