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A huge part of climbing (and abseiling) is the adrenaline caused by the risks being taken. However, an even bigger part of climbing is the calculating of these risks in order to ensure the safety of the climber is not in any way compromised. This is no easy task with many considerations such as climbing ropes, safety harness, climbing shoes, karabiner’s, chocks, helmets and other climbing equipment.

In this post I want to take a look at Climbing Helmets, take a glance at why they are used, how they work and which one is right for you.

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It was summer a few years ago when I and a few friends decided it would be good to go for a long distance walk and see some of the UK’s finest coastline. With the Anglesey Coastal Path falling within an Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty, this was the choice we made.

Be sure to checkout the amazing South Stack Lighthouse. Source Trinity House

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With the school (summer) holidays now upon us, it is that time of year we’ve all be waiting for, the family holiday. This year, as with the previous few, has seen a massive decrease in foreign holiday bookings, meaning that more and more people are staying in the UK for their family holidays. However, as with all things camping holidays take a lot of preparation – you’ve already found a camp site and booked your pitch… you’ve planned what attractions and walks you may do together… it’s now time to pack up and get on the road.

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The Nine Edges Race in the Peak District is for walkers, runners, climbers and mountain bikers. Starting from Fairholmes Car Park, the route takes competitors over nine gritstone edges to the Robin Hood pub, near Baslow. For walkers, runners and climbers the distance covered is 20 miles, for mountain bikers 32 miles. There is no fixed route, but competitors must use footpaths and bridleways and must also pass by either the top or bottom of each gritstone edge. Climbers must also climb each edge.

Stanage Edge Gritstone Rocks in the Peak District

Stanage Edge is a popular place for climbing. Source: Flickr by Darren Copley.

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