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At CheapTents we like to help up and coming outdoor athletes by giving them some exposure. We were recently contacted by downhill mountain biker Tim Graham. Tim is an avid downhill racer who is pursuing his dream of a professional MTB racing.

Mountain biker riding singletrack downhill trail

Tim Graham getting some downhill action on his Specialized Big Hit.

It was watching downhill riders on the trails at Fort William that gave Tim the inspiration to take up mountain biking. That was two and half years ago and he has not looked back since…

The excitement and thrill of new trails and meeting new people got me into downhill mountain biking!

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Last month we posted about Ed Stafford who had just completed a 4000 mile, 859 day expedition along the entire length of the Amazon river. Yesterday, Outside Blog posted a great interview with Ed Stafford, which is well worth a read.

Trees in the Amazon Jungle

Ed Stafford walked the entire length of the Amazon. Source Flickr by Ivan Mlinaric.

Walking the Amazon

In the interview Ed reveals how he got the idea for the expedition on Google. However, he does not reveal whether or not the expedition was undertaken as a reconnaissance mission for Google’s River View project. Inspiration also came from projects that his contemporaries have undertaken. Ed goes onto explain that his experience in the military and leading conservation expeditions set him in good stead for the adventure.

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A Snowdonia peak has been found to be an extra 1.8m, due to more accurate height measurements, and has become the 5th “super-mountain” in Wales.

Glyder Fawr - Snowdonia - Tents

Glyder Fawr - Source Flickr MarchiCTID

Glyder Fawr was measured at 999m using a “photogrammetry” method where detailed aerial images are used to create a 3d model from which measurements are taken. However, this method can be wrong by up to 3m. Enthusiasts from G & J Surveys have used more accurate¬†measurements¬†made by GPS equipment to find the mountain is actually 1000.8m above sea level.

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Andrew Skurka at the Grand Canyon AZ

Andrew Skurka

When you’re talking about long distance adventurers one of the first names that springs to mind is Andrew Skurka. Named as “Adventurer of the Year” 2007 by National Geographic Adventure’s and “Person of the Year” 2005 by Backpacker Magazine. Andrew has trekked over 25,000 miles since 2002, when Andrew turned his hobby into an occupation, leaving his “conventional career” behind to become a professional adventurer. Some of his more challenging expeditions have included the Great Western Loop at almost 7,000 miles, and his Sea-to-Sea expedition at almost 8,000 miles.

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Over a two week period, 15th – 31st October, Bollington will hold it’s first walking festival. The two weeks will include over 30 walks and rambles, including child friendly activities, and many social events.

The Bollington Walking Festival

White Nancy - Source Flikr AliceRosen

Bollington is nestled in the Cheshire Peak District, close to Macclesfield. Bollington’s surroundings are ideal for walkers of all levels. This means for some of the walks you will need walking boots but for others just some comfy trainers will do. However, don’t forget to pack a waterproof jacket.

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Going for a long walk takes on a new meaning…

Photo of Samuel H Gardner

Samuel H Gardner will trek four thru hikes, that's over 12,500 miles! Photo by Greg Maino.

Walking a long distance hike is undoubtedly something that many of us hikers wish they had the time and stamina to take on. In the United Kingdom trails like the Pennine Way, the West Highland Way and Pembrokeshire Coast Path typically take between one and three weeks, depending upon how many miles you want to walk each day. To walk from Land’s End to John o’Groats you are talking the best part of two months hiking, which is a pretty big commitment.

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