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This weekend news headlines read “man falls 1000ft from mountain”, the mountain in question was Sgurr Choinnich Mor, around 5 miles east of Ben Nevis. The climber in question was Adam Potter, an experienced climber from Glasgow.

Sgurr Choinnich Mor

Sgurr Choinnich Mor, The Aonachs and Bealach Coire Easain - Source Flickr by pamilne

At 2.30pm on Saturday, just moments after reaching the summit Adam began to fall. As his friends looked on in horror Adam tumbled down the mountain 1000ft, approx 300m and 1/3 of the mountain’s height, glancing off 3 craggy outcrops. As he tumbled off each outcrop Adam must have felt almost like he was flying as he¬†plummeted.

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Outdoor gear specialists MSR have a great range of ultralight shelters, known as their Essential Series. One of their more interesting new designs is the Fast Stash Tent. What is a Fast Stash and is it any good? In summary, its a 2/3 season, single-walled, ultralight tent that sleeps two people. The design is somewhat unusual. It looks something like a cross between a ridge tent and a caravan awning. There is not a pole along the ridge however, just one lightweight DAC pole at each end. The structure is held up by the tension of guy ropes.

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In October 2009 we interviewed John Loder, RSPB Campaign Talks Officer, about the RSPB’s Birds of Prey Campaign. In many countries around the world wild birds of prey are under threat from habitat loss and systematic killing. In some cases reintroduction programmes are helping to restore bird numbers. For example, Red Kites in the Chilterns and Mid Wales and Hen Harriers in the Forest of Bowland.

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Noel Sofley is a downhill mountain biker from Northern Ireland. He recently contacted us with a view to raising both his profile and that of his sponsor, KOBC. Here at CheapTents we like to give some exposure to up and coming outdoor athletes, so we asked Noel to tell us about his passion for mountain biking, his achievements and his goals in his favourite sport…

Downhill Mountain Biker Noel Sofley

Noel Sofley with his MTB

Noel got his first inspiration for mountain biking at the age of 9, when he picked up a copy of Mountain Biking UK magazine in his local newsagents.

I felt a buzz and felt amazing! I just wanted to try it, which I did and it stuck with me ever since.

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Was to “walk more” a part of your new years resolution? If so you will be joining the many thousands who also share this resolution. However, if this wasn’t your resolution … it is never to late to make a resolution.

Firstly, congratulations on your choice of exercise. Walking can aid health, fitness and can help towards weight control. Walking is also a fantastic way to fit exercise into your daily schedule without too much hassle, it may be as simple as parking your car further away from work each day and walking for an extra few minutes.

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