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Have you ever bought a rucksack thinking “oh, I can fit this this and that into this rucksack” and then found that you could not fit as much in as you thought? Well, you wouldn’t be alone, I myself do it at least once a year… I usually find I am disappointed that something I thought would fit actually doesn’t. So, in this post I will be taking a look at 4 sizes of bag: 65+L (large rucksacks), 45L & 35L (medium rucksacks) and 25L (small rucksacks) to see what items actually fit into the rucksacks. The idea is simply to give you a feel of the amount of room in each bag, meaning you can make an informed decision next time you need to buy a rucksack for your great outdoor adventures.

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At the beginning of the month we posted an introductory post about our best place to find a campsite feature, which is a series of reviews about websites that help you to find a campsite. This, our third post in the series, is a review of camping site finder www.ukcampsitefinder.co.uk


The www.ukcampsitefinder.co.uk website has fun graphics, including a VW and a computer with smiley faces! The layout is not overly cluttered and the site is easy to navigate.

Finding A Campsite

The search tree on left hand side of the page makes for easy advanced searching with lots of options. You can also search using map or list of counties.

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With more and more races on the calender, Adventure Racing is fast becoming a popular sport in the UK. Consisting of multi-stage events such as hiking, swimming, kayaking, trail running, mountain biking and more, teams compete in races that may last over several days. Examples of races held in the UK last year are the Nokia Coast to Coast Race in Scotland and the Adidas Terrex Race in the Lake District. To compete effectively in Adventure Racing gear choice is vital. Your kit must be lightweight yet rugged enough to stand up to extreme punishment as well as being fully functional.

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On the 17th February, the government announced that it was to perform a
u-turn when it abandoned plans to sell 258,000 hectares of state-owned woodland in England. This would have been a total of 85% on top of the 15% they are already allowed to sell off, when in the public need. This announcement came from Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman in the House of Commons, a speech in which she admitted to being wrong and apologised. A good many walkers and outdoor enthusiasts were then able to breathe a huge sigh of relief! So, are we out of the woods yet?

wakefield labour party

Mary Creagh MP

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Following our introductory post about the best place to find a campsite and review of the website www.find-a-campsite.co.uk, our second post in the series is a review of camping site finder www.campingninja.com.


Camping Ninja LogoThe design is fun with the camping ninja character appearing across the website. Since I was not sure what the connection with camping and ninjas is, I e-mailed them for clarification, to which the reply was:

ninja’s are stealthy and fast (which is what we are trying to be), ninjas are generally considered to be pretty cool, and, “ninja” is the same in every language….!

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What is the best way to find a campsite? If you’re thinking about going camping and do a search online for campsites + location you will invariably be faced with a selection of search results for websites aimed at helping you to find a camping site. Given that there can be a vast array of campsites and holiday parks in the area where you are thinking of holidaying, campsite finder websites can be a helpful tool for choosing and booking a suitable site. So which is the best website to use when looking for a campsite? We decided to review some of the websites on offer and will post our findings over the next couple of weeks.

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags