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You may not think it, but bats are a great friend to hikers and campers. To find out exactly why, you will have to read on! Now, whilst bats may have a bad name on account of Count Dracula, the truth is, like most other mammals, bats are furry and very cute. If you need proof, just look at some of the bat photos on this page! So, by now you must be wondering to yourself “Where do bats live and is it possible to observe them in the wild?”

A cute, furry Natterers bat

A Natterers Bat. Isn't she cute! Photocredit Chris Scott.

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This week, April 11-17th, is Tick Bite Prevention Week. It sounds like it should have a lot more attention than it does, but maybe that’s due to the upcoming royal wedding taking the shine off it, or maybe its just people don’t like to think about being bitten by Ticks.

Tick Walking on a Man

A Hiker found this Tick - from andylangager Flikr

Despite the lack of attention it’s getting from elsewhere, both ourselves and CampingNinja care enough about our readers/users to give this some real attention, just as we have previously on this blog talking about Prevention of Midge Bites.

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This is the fifth post in our series reviewing the best place to find a campingsite. This time we have visited www.ukcampsite.co.uk to find out if they can help us find a suitable place to pitch our tent.


This website has a distinctive yellow background with yellow and red buttons. Its a bit garish but does make the website memorable!

UKCampsite.co.uk, the net’s best, oldest, and biggest internet guide to all things camping and caravanning related. Tents, caravans, motorhomes, trailer tents, you name it we love them and we get millions of visitors each month.

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Welcome to the fourth post in our series of reviews of campsite finder websites. This review features the website www.pitchup.com. For details of our review criteria and links to the other reviews in this series please visit our how to find a campsite blog post.


The design of http://www.pitchup.com is attractive and easy on the eye, although it is a little bit on the busy side.

Pitchup.com is your free guide to camping and caravanning in the UK and Ireland – judged Best UK Travel Information Site 2010. With 5,000 campsites and holiday parks, nifty searching and loads of offers, it has never been easier to find and book the perfect site – and rediscover the glee in camping and caravanning.

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Despite the technological advances in comfortable sports foot wear over the past decade or so, there has been a recent shift towards barefoot running. For those who don’t want their feet to get too dirty, Vibram have even brought out the Five Fingers range of footwear. But its not just the world of running that has seen a shift away from high specification footwear. The world of hiking is also seeing a shift back to basics. More and more hikers are abandoning their hiking boots and have begun wearing Dutch Clogs when they’re out on the hills.

Muddy wooden clogs with gaietr

Dutch clogs are the new hiking boots. Source: Wikimedia Commons by Ra Boe.

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags