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Earlier this year the coalition government proposedĀ conversationalĀ plans to sell off much of England’s forestry and other woodland. After a public outcry the government stood down from it’s position offering to create a panel to report back and suggest the future of the forests.

The independentĀ panel of 12 members, chaired by Right Rev James Jones – Bishop of Liverpool – has now been established and following two meetings is now inviting the views of the people of this country. The task it has been set is not an easy one, over the next 10 months, until April 2012, the panel must discuss and report on the future of Forestry and Woodland in England.

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One of the things that can make a hike of camping trip really special is being out in the open countryside and observing birds of prey circling high in the sky or watching them hovering against the breeze before diving earthwards hoping to catch some lunch. Some eighteen months ago we published an interview with John Loder about the RSPB Birds of Prey Campaign. This on-going campaign is highlight the threat to bird of prey populations caused illegal persecution, pollution and habitat loss. Many people are outraged by the situation and over 200,000 signed a petition calling upon the government to take action.

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The news that Lady laid three eggs in her nest at the Loch of the Lowes Reserve is a huge tonic for her fans and for the Scottish Wildlife Trust who all feared that illness would bring an end to this Iconic Osprey’s life.

Lady’s love affair with the Loch of the Lowes Reserve has seen her repeatedly summer at the Loch in the last twenty years and almost single handedly (shouldn’t that be winged?) help to re-establish the numbers of Ospreys in this country with almost 50 chicks hatched in her life time.

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