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Today we’ve launched a new social media feature into our product pages. We’ve added three buttons to the bottom of our product information pages.

Two of these buttons you will no doubt be familiar with, if you use the internet on a regular basis, Facebook and Twitter. There is also one button you may not be so familiar with, Google +1.
There is more information about these services below.

Try the new buttons on our products today

You can find the buttons just below the price and options box on all product pages, for example the Vaude Power Lizard.

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Update: We are not currently stocking the Carbonlite and instead recommend the LEKI Albula Lite Antishock walking pole which also features the ergonomic Aergon handgrip.

LEKI is one of the premier brands when it comes to hiking & walking poles, their name is synonymous with building high quality products using the most technologically advanced materials available.

The LEKI Carbonlite Walking Pole is a particular favourite of many customers, combining material strength and lightness (approx 190g per pole) in a package which was awarded by Outdoor Magazine with their 2009 “Gear of the Year” award.

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Father’s day (bah humbug!), the time of the year when we are supposed to buy our dad something nice, to thank him for hereditary baldness, our inability to change a light-bulb and in my case life long purgatory of supporting Salford City Reds!

Are you fed up of seeing his face when he barely tries to hide his disappointment with the look of “oh, great a bottle of whiskey, that’s what I wanted…NOT.” Or with my dad the rigmarole of him saying he “doesn’t want anything” and then when I don’t buy him anything the Oscar winning sulking that would make a five year old or premier league footballer proud.

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The North Face Tadpole Tent series has been on our shelves since 1987, and has spawned many copies and imitators. The Tadpole’s design has been so successful The North Face have used it as a starting point for the Meso, Mica, Big Fat Frog and Rock series. It is no surprise, that twenty five years after the original Tadpole, The North Face have released a number of updated versions, including the Tadpole 2 and Tadpole 2 DL series. Update: We are not currently selling the TNF Tadope and instead recommend the Ion 2 from Force Ten.

TNF Tadpole 2 DL

TNF Tadpole 2 DL

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