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For the past three years the CheapTents team have been writing outdoor blog posts! Whether its gear, getting out and about, industry news, interviews or wildlife, there is a lot going on in the great outdoors. To celebrate our birthdays we like to put together a collection of our favourite posts from the past 12 months. This year we’ll dispense with the long, rambling approach and get straight to the links!

Outdoor Gear

It’s no surprise that we love our outdoor gear and tent reviews are always popular!

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Mobile phones could soon be ‘powered by walking’ according to a recent report on the BBC news website. Boffins at the University of Wisconsin have come up with a technique for generating electricity using a device that is placed in your shoe.

The device captures the energy of moving micro droplets and converts it into electrical current.

View of walking boots from wearer

These lazy feet could be generating electricity! Source: Flickr by goose3five

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Update: We no longer stock the Vaude Taurus 1 or its successor the Taurus 2P tent. Instead we recommend The North Face Talus 2 EU tent, which has similiar specifications.

Vaude is synonymous with quality products and the Taurus range of tents are one of their leading product brands. Hard wearing with a solid Curved “A” Reinforced Ridge construction, the Taurus 1 has been designed as a backpacking tent. Weighing in at a little under 2.5 kg the Taurus 1 can be used in four season environments if the camper is experienced enough. Despite being called the Taurus 1, it is a 2 man tent.

Vaude Taurus 1 A Really Good Backpacking Tent

Vaude Taurus 1

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When ‘PoleKitty’ left a comment on a post we wrote in February about the Gear needed to climb Ben Nevis,  the name made us wonder if it was spam at first. We soon realised it wasn’t as we watched in awe at the sight of Kat pole dancing at the top of Ben Nevis, as part of the 3-Peaks Challenge. The video is below.

Once we’d watched the video we decided to contact Kat to find out more about this rather odd celebration at the top of Ben Nevis. We wanted to know what had driven her to do it, and if there was any other mad outdoor stunts she had done. Here is our interview with Kat ‘PoleKitty’ Humphrey, outdoor enthusiast & extreme pole dancer!

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The Sony Walkman allowed people to listen to music whilst they were doing outdoor sports.

Sony Walkmans were massive! Source: Flickr by daryl_mitchell

Ever since the invention of the Sony Walkman outdoor enthusiasts have been able to take their music with them on their adventures. Back in the good old days it meant lots of extra weight, there was not an ultralight option! If you moved abruptly the cassette anti-rolling mechanism couldn’t cope and your tunes would speed up or slow down. Not to mention that if you wanted more than 90 minutes of music you needed to carry a collection of cassettes. Now with ipods and smart phones the technical issues have long been resolved and you can take more music than you can shake your walking pole at for around 100 grams.

Motivational Music
for Mountain Climbing

Having your music with you when you are walking, running or climbing is great for motivation and can keep you going when pain and/or boredom sets in. Maybe you dance along to the beat or at least run in time to it!

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags