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Mountaineers wearing crampons cross a snow field

Snow traverse using crampons. Source: Flickr by ribekak.

If you are thinking going mountaineering then you will need to get some crampons, this may also mean buying new crampon compatible boots. But what if you’re thinking of going hill walking in the winter? There may only be small sections of the hike where there is hard snow and ice. You may feel that buying crampons and compatible boots is too expensive and unnecessary. Fortunately there is a solution! Winter hardware manufacturer Stubai have brought out 4 point and 6 point crampons which can be fitted onto most B0 boots.

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If Santa shopped with CheapTents I wonder what he would buy? I can see his email now,
“Hi Gareth, my delivery clothes are looking a bit worse for wear. I’ve seen you’ve got some great deals and was wondering, can you kit me out for this year? I’m pretty short of time, as I’ve got millions of Christmas presents to pack. I need a red jacket, its my trademark! But would prefer dark pants for a change, you should see the state of me when I’ve finished, no one cleans their chimney anymore!”

Santa would write, I've seen you've got some great deals and was wondering can you kit me out for this year?
Image by Paul Wittal, Source Flickr

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Time has flown by since the beginning on the new Millennium! Its hard to imagine that the now iconic structures of the London Eye and the Millennium Dome were brand new, and that they were supposed to be only temporary. At that time the internet was becoming more and more mainstream but it certainly wasn’t the everyday business, communication, entertainment and information media that it has become today.

Yet way back in the year 2000, at Adventure Centre Ltd, we started work on CheapTents. At that time there were several well-known discounting websites such as Cheap Flights. From this the idea of the CheapTents brand was born. It made perfect sense since we were selling top quality outdoor gear at discounted prices, but of course, Not Just Tents!

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Mike Dunne tackles a bouldering problem

Mike Dunne on his bouldering problem 'Samson'
on the Isles of Scilly

We always enjoy hearing from you, our readers, about the adventures that you have been having in the great outdoors. Not only that, we like to give you the opportunity to use the CheapTents blog to promote yourselves if you’re looking for sponsorship. Recently we were contacted by Mike Dunne, who loves climbing in the Lake District. We asked him to tell us about his climbing experience, his thoughts on the climbing scene and who he rates as a climber.

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The motto of the outdoors person should always be “Prepare, Prepare, Prepare”. This is a motto many people live by, and it’s pretty good too. In essence it means if you prepare you will succeed. So with this motto in mind I began looking for the perfect Christmas stocking fillers that I can gift to family, friends as well as other staff here at CheapTents (don’t tell them though).

I searched through out website, found a few nice ideas and so I thought I would post a few to see what you think. For each I’ve written a little review of the product and why I thought it would be a nice stocking filler this Christmas. Any feedback you can give or other ideas would be appreciated.

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