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Update: We no longer sell the Nordisk Pasch PU and instead recommend the Lightwave T10 Trek tent. The T10 Trek is a 1 person, 3-4 season tunnel tent weighing 1.7 kg. Ideal for solo camping and backpacking.

The Nordisk Pasch PU is one of several tents from Nordisk that Cheap Tents stock. With a weight of 1.93kg and tunnel design, it is suitable for 3 season camping. The Pasch is a surprisingly roomy one-man tent, pretty much perfect for most backpackers.

Nordisk Pasch PU from Cheap Tents

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Deciding what food to take when backpacking can be a difficult task. The major deciding factors being the weight of the food, its taste, longevity, nutrition and your diet. Other considerations are cooking, water and packaging. You may also be concerned about issues such as animal welfare, sustainability and food miles.

MSR camping stove being used to heat up noodles

Make your camping food taste better! Source: Flickr by Beemans.

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Update: We are not currently selling the Mirage 200. As an alternative we recommend the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer II which is a tunnel tent as opposed to the semi-geodesic style of the Mirage.

The Mirage 200 is a 2 man, 3 season backpacking tent from Vango’s expedition range. With an RRP of £150 (July 2012) it represents great value for money and it is no wonder that it is a Duke of Edinburgh Award approved product.

Side view of the Vango Mirage 200 Tent with its outer door open

What makes the Vango Mirage 200 such a good buy? Some of the features that we like best are it’s sizeable interior, quick all in-one pitching and the free-standing, semi-geodesic design.

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Back in May we published a post letting everyone know that the 2012 OMM location was still a mystery, and that the OMM 2012 will not be in the Kielder Forest. Last week (14th July) OMM announced the location of the 2012 OMM to be the Howgills.

Omm 2012 race gathering

OMM 2011 Racers – Image: OMM

Howgill Fells

The Howgills Fells can be found between the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District, with southern parts lying within the Dales. The Howgills Fells include 2 Marilyn’s, The Calf at 2,218ft (676m) and Yarlside at 2,096ft (639m) in addition there are also many smaller peaks.

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Here at CheapTents we love Google Maps and Street View. We are waiting with great anticipation for Google to roll out Street View for mountain trails, which we like to call “Sherpa Cam“. Yet there is still something better than Google Maps and that is Ordnance Survey mapping. The Ordnance Survey National Grid reference system can be used to locate an exact position anywhere in Great Britain. It can be frustrating though, if you want to view a grid reference on a map online. Fortunately the Ordnance Survey website has the answer! It is called Get a Map.

Ordnance Survey Get a Map logo

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Today we are announcing an Exclusive product created by Cheap Tents.

There aren’t many amongst the hiking and camping community who haven’t noticed the similarity in looks of a water bladder and a hospital drip. They both generally offer hydration to the body, even if the method of entry varies some what.

Something that made this idea come to life was when out testing a tent one weekend, Daniel was seen to hang his Platypus 2L Hoser (along with a lamp) from the inner tent loop. His excuse was it meant he didn’t have to unzip the tent inner to get water from his rucksack and it didn’t go all over the place when he rolled over onto it in the night. A pretty good excuse for the full story, which we learnt later, and led to our innovation that is today’s product.

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Update: Please note that the Power Tokee has been discontinued. As an alternative we recommend the Nordisk Telemark 1 LW instead.

This week’s Product of the Week (09/07/12) is the Vaude Power Tokee Ultralight 2012 Tent. A tent we’ve chosen as a star product, it’s a favourite amongst our customers and one of our best selling tents. The Power Tokee is a 1 person ultralight tent, which at only 860 g packed is currently the lightest tent in our selection. In our review we take a look at its features and find out why it is one of our best selling tents.

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Have you looked out of the window today? It’s Friday and it’s raining again!

the river that was a stream

A river bursts its banks in the Lake District. Source: Flickr by twak

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Logo for the Coast Along charity fundraiserWithout a doubt the UK coastline boasts some of our most amazing scenery. Picture in your mind rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, tidal estuaries and abundant wildlife. Perfect places for walking! Oh, and there’s one more thing you might notice on a coastal walk… lots of water! Which brings us onto WaterAid, a Non-Governmental Organisation dedicated to providing clean water and sanitation for poor people, and who are holding a coastal walking charity fundraiser this September.

One in ten people worldwide do not have access to clean water. Over two and a half billion live without somewhere safe to go to the toilet. Every day 4,000 children die from diarrhoea caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. WaterAid

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags