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The Jack Wolfskin Time Tunnel 3 RT is a 3-4 season tunnel tent, ideal for cycle touring, which sleeps 3 and weighs 4.79 kg. It has a large vestibule with two entrances and the tent makes use of the Jack Wolfskin Real Tunnel (RT) Technology, a system which increases stability, also due to the curvature of the poles it increases internal size.

Jack Wolfskin Time Tunnel 3 Tent Review

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An MSR tent pitched in the mountains of Patagonia

Tim Moss wild camping on an expedition to Patagonia

Opportunities for adventure can be found almost everywhere, if you know where to look. If you are stuck for inspiration, Adventurer and Expedition Manager, Tim Moss can help. There are lots of ideas on Tim’s The Next Challenge website, through which he also offers advice, research and support for expeditions. For example, Tim has helped some of the adventurers who we have previously interviewed on the CheapTents Outdoor Gear blog, such as Leon McCarron, Alastair Humphreys and Mikael Strandberg.

[Tim] has also supported over a hundred different individuals, expeditions and groups. Will you be next? The Next Challenge.

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Our review today is the Lightwave T10 Trek, an Ultralight 4 season tent which weighs in at 1.7 kg. The T10 is a 1 person 2 pole tunnel tent with an aero dynamic shape to enable it to comfortably deal with bad weather conditions. The interior is a wedge shape, which gives more room at the head and shoulders for extra comfort.

lightwave t10 trek

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Many climbers and mountaineers dream of summitting unclimbed peaks. Making 8 first ascents might seem like an unattainable feat, but for Polar explorer Phil Wickens this was accomplished on just one expedition!

A skier on a mountain on the Antarctic Peninsula

Photocredit: Phil Wickens

In January 2012 Phil led a small team of mountaineers and skiers to climb 13 peaks located in the Antarctic Peninsula. Travelling between islands by yacht, the summits were achieved in multi-day and single day tours. Rising straight out of the sea, the mountains range from 500 – 2600 m in height and are heavily glaciated, even during the Antarctic summer. Due to uncertainty over the thickness and conditions of the sea ice, choosing which mountains to summit in advance is not always possible. This adds an extra dimension to the adventure which must include contingency plans in case thick sea ice makes sailing in some places impossible.

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Update: We no longer sell the MSR Holler. Instead we recommend the Lightwave T30 Trail XT or the Snugpak Bunker 3 backpacking tents for 3 people.

The MSR Holler is a large, 3 person, 3 season, high quality tent designed with backpacking and comfort in mind. With 3.7 square metres of floor space, plus 2 vestibule areas and a mid-point height of just over 1 metre, you won’t be short of space in this tent. In addition to this the MSR Holler weighs in at just under 3kg, making this a really lightweight 3 person tent, ideal for backpacking and wild campers who want a bit of extra space.

msr holler - 3 person tent

MSR Holler – 3 person backpacking tent

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If you’re trying to think of a large country in which you could go for an expedition, you could certainly do a lot worse than choosing Brazil. With an area of 8.5 million square kilometres, Brazil is the fifth largest country on the planet. With such a large area there are plenty of opportunities to go exploring. The most famous wilderness area is of course the Amazon river basin and rainforest, which occupy most of the northern half of Brazil. There are many other places to explore of course, such as the semiarid deserts in the northeast, central savanna regions, the eastern Atlantic coastline and southern mountain ranges and temperate coniferous forests.

Camping under a tarp in the Amazonian rainforest

Aaron Chervenak and Gareth Jones during their 2010 expedition in Brazil’s rainforest.

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Update: The Vaude Taurus 2 has been discontinued. Instead we recommend the The North Face Heyerdahl 3, which is a 3 person, 3 season tunnel tent.

The Vaude Taurus 2 is a 3 man, 3 season tent which weighs in at 2.69 kg. The tent construction is a Curved “A” Reinforced Ridge which is very stable and offers good internal height at the door. The Taurus 2 is an all-in-one pitch which enables the tent to be pitched by one person fairly easily regardless of weather conditions. Although listed for 3 persons we do feel that most users will use it as a 2 person tent, as it’s a great tent for 2 people camping.

vaude taurus 2 tent review

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Wild camper and videographer, Terry Abraham

Terry Abraham on the
unfamiliar side of the camera!

Terry Abraham is one of the most in-demand specialist “outdoors” videographer’s in the U.K. He is living proof of the maxim “follow your dream”. Terry, a keen outdoor enthusiast all of his life, combines his hobbies of film making and wild camping by shooting short films of his treks. After meticulous editing, he posts the videos on his personal blog,
T e r r y b n d. He does such a good job that not only does he attract the attention of the outdoors public, but also some of the leading brands in the U.K. market.

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