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The Logo of camping gear brand Big AgnesWe’re excited to announce that we are now stocking tents from the famous US camping gear brand, Big Agnes. Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, their headquarters are in the heart of the Rockies, where they test out their award winning outdoor equipment. One possible origin of the company name is said to be that of a local mountain. It is also worth mentioning that Big Agnes are committed to the environment and ethical treatment of workers in their supply chain.

We’ve spent a lot of time in the local backcountry so we feel downright connected to it. We name our products after local history, places, peaks and rivers which is always a fun process. It brings back memories of trips both successful and epic and hopefully inspires you to come explore.

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At the weekend we were blessed with some sunny weather, so with the mountains beckoning I headed over to Snowdonia for a hike up to Carnedd Llewelyn. There had been quite a bit of snow previously and I was hoping that there would still be some left. From the valley I could see small patches of snow but most of it had thawed. Ever hopeful I left my crampons in my rucksack just in case.

Pen yr Ole Wen mountain, Snowdonia

The route up Pen yr Ole Wen is climbs steeply from the outset

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Early 20th century explorer Kazimierz Nowak in the Jungle

Do you long to be
an intrepid explorer?

Its time for a bit of explorer fun! From time to time you hear about how you can generate you own film star name and so forth. Since we take an interest in exploring and adventures we thought that it would be amusing to develop a simple way of creating your very own explorer name.

Explorers Past and Present

The first step is to cast our eyes over the names of genuine explorers and adventurers to find out if there are any common threads.

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