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We all enjoy looking at pictures of climbers attempting dangerous moves high up cliff faces, but do we ever think about the person who took the picture or filmed the movie? Who has shot the image and how did they get into the right position to capture the action?

Matt Sharman and camera halfway down a cliff face

Adventure cameraman Matt Sharman in position to film climbers.

Adventure cameraman Matt Sharman is sponsored by outdoor gear company Jack Wolfskin and is one of the authors on the Jack Wolfskin Blog. He is a keen climber and mountaineer which enables him to get into the positions required to film and photograph professional climbers on their ascents.

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Whilst on my recent hike to Carnedd Llewelyn I saw across the valley a mountain that had an intriguing pyramid shape. Looking on my map I discovered that it is called Elidir Fawr. Due to its interesting geometry I decided that it would be my next objective. So I returned to Snowdonia for some more hiking.

The summit of Y Garn from near Llyn Idwal

The summit of Y Garn can be seen in the background,
just right of centre

The route from Llyn Ogwen goes up Y Garn (947 m) then drops down to about 800 m as it passes below below the summit of Foel Goch before finally heading up to the peak of Elidir Fawr (924 m).

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Fish cooking over a campfire

Fish on the camp fire. Source: Flickr by y_katsuuu

We always enjoy hearing from CheapTents blog readers and are keen to publish guest posts about outdoor gear, camping and adventures.

We were recently contacted by Stu, who has set up a website for outdoor enthusiasts to share their favourite Camping Recipes. Whether you’re into camping, backpacking or hiking, there are plenty of great meal ideas on the website and you’re welcome to contribute yours too.

To help wet your appetite, Stu has written a guest post about his experience of gourmet dining on the West Coast Trail, Vancouver. So get out your camping stove and get cooking!

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