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Can you bear to be without this sleeping bag?

Alpine Bear sleeping bag

I’m not sure how much the sleeping bag weighs, or how it will preform, but I want one! I am curious to know if it will scare off bears and prevent them from attacking you, or is there a chance that they will find the sleeping bag attractive and make romantic advances towards you. The other possible worry is of course that an over zealous hunter takes the opportunity to catch some easy prey and you find yourself on top of a mantlepiece when you awaken in the morning.

Mountain bear sleeping bag

The piece has been created by Japanese artist  Eiko Ishizawa here is what Eiko has to say about the piece;

The true story of the bear in Alps: He was a great brown bear in Alps, and people were scared that he was so powerful moving mountain to mountain in such a short time. In the end, after the long battle of chasing period with hunters, he was hunted down.

Based on this story, I make a fictionalized version of this bear in our society as a sleeping bag of a wander bear. The longing for the ideal place and wishes makes animal wandering around and not settled down.

For more images and to find out more about Eiko vist http://eikoishizawa.com/

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags