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…this is the line Berghaus introduce you to before watching their latest ad(renaline) of Leo Houlding and Anniken Binz doing the base jump of all base jumps, as seen on cinema screens now!

We’ve made quite a bit of fuss of the Berghaus ad already but if you’ve missed it already, make sure you check it out!

Berghaus Cinema Advert

Berghaus: Leo Houlding and Anniken Binz Spectacular Base Jump

The location for the new Berghaus commercial was the infamous Kjerag, a 1100m mountain in the Lysefjorden in Norway.  It’s Northern face has a drop of almost 1km.

The Berghaus advert is spectacular.  You can find it here, along with loads more information on the shoot by the director and the team:


Leo Houlding’s response to the shoot:

Waking-up on a port-a-ledge is amazing.  Thousands of feet above the ground, exposed to Mother Natures finest work.  Just hanging there makes you feel so alive and in awe of the world.  This incredible majesty combined with the heady cocktail of fear and adrenaline that comes from games like climbing  and base jumping is really quite something else.

The West coast of Norway is prone to bad weather, but fortunately for the jumpers, the bad weather stayed at bay!

Berghaus Base Jump Advert

Leo Houlding and Anniken Binz taking the jump.  Just look how relaxed they look!

Make sure you watch the video!


(Images from berghaus.com)

Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags