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The Sony Walkman allowed people to listen to music whilst they were doing outdoor sports.

Sony Walkmans were massive! Source: Flickr by daryl_mitchell

Ever since the invention of the Sony Walkman outdoor enthusiasts have been able to take their music with them on their adventures. Back in the good old days it meant lots of extra weight, there was not an ultralight option! If you moved abruptly the cassette anti-rolling mechanism couldn’t cope and your tunes would speed up or slow down. Not to mention that if you wanted more than 90 minutes of music you needed to carry a collection of cassettes. Now with ipods and smart phones the technical issues have long been resolved and you can take more music than you can shake your walking pole at for around 100 grams.

Motivational Music
for Mountain Climbing

Having your music with you when you are walking, running or climbing is great for motivation and can keep you going when pain and/or boredom sets in. Maybe you dance along to the beat or at least run in time to it!

For a bit of Friday Fun we thought we’d compile a top 10 list of songs that are walking and hiking related, you know, like These Boots Are Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra. Yes, its predictable and cheesy!

  1. Ain’t No Mountain High EnoughDiana Ross
  2. River Deep Mountain HighIke and Tina Turner
  3. Move On UpCurtis Mayfield
  4. Rocky Mountain WayJoe Walsh
  5. Run to the HillsIron Maiden
  6. Ramblin’ ManLemon Jelly
  7. Walking In My ShoesDepeche Mode
  8. Walk of LifeDire Straights
  9. Step OnHappy Mondays
  10. Walking On SunshineKatrina and The Waves

Are any songs missing? Lots of course! For example, our friend Kraig Becker from The Adventure Blog, thinks we should have included 500 Miles by The Proclaimers!

What are the Best Songs?

Let’s face it, some of the tunes on the list above are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. So what do the CheapTents team listen to whilst partaking in outdoor sports?

Generally anything that’s not too slow, but I mainly listen to dance music since it keeps me full of energy! Daniel

I don’t really have a favourite piece of music, but when I go running I always arrange my playlist with fast and slow songs sequenced to match my training programme. Essentially the music speeds me up and slows me down at various points over the course of the run, keeping in tune with the needs of my body. Andy

No music at all for me, although sometimes I do listen to podcasts of Radio 2 chat shows. Devices with earphones are banned from the Triathlons that I take part in, to make sure competitors can hear safety announcements, so I don’t tend to use them when training either. Paul

Its got to be the Theme from Rocky by Survivor. If that doesn’t get you riled up I don’t know what will! Ruaraidh

If you ever need a laugh when you’re out on the fells then make sure you’ve got Get Down Gobblin by Jan Terri on your ipod! Ryan

You can’t beat Soul Music, e.g. Sam Cooke or Wilson Pickett! Gareth

Why not share the songs you listen to whilst you are training or doing outdoor sports? It doesn’t matter whether you go walking, hiking, running, cycling, mountain biking, climbing or anything else we’d love to know what your favourite tunes are! We don’t mind if its serious, cheesy or an adrenaline fuelled soundtrack, simply leave a comment below!

Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags