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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags

Being a new blog, we thought it best to add a few rules to keep you pesky spammers in check!  We also thought it would be nice to have a couple of positive rules to keep the CheapTents.com blog a nice place to keep returning to!

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the blog, just make sure that you follow these simple rules…


  1. Be polite to others and always thank people for good advice
  2. Contribute ideas, suggestions for blog posts and opinions on topics as much as you like
  3. Provide outdoor gear reviews of something that you have bought or used
  4. Feel free to submit pictures of you via email along with any stories, etc
  5. Enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible!


  1. Spam – don’t do it.  All posts will be moderated before posting so don’t waste your time!
  2. Give out your address or phone number or any other personal details
  3. Use inappropriate language, no swearing, slander, etc. etc.
  4. Be rude or horrible to others who comment on the blog
  5. Disrespect other people’s opinions.

**And remember, everyone is welcome to contribute to the Blog!

    Other points to note are that we do not claim ownership of the content submitted by visitors, although we do over our own content.  Any opinions expressed on the blog are those of the author, contributor or visitor and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CheapTents. If you have any queries about the content or our terms and conditions please feel free to contact us.


    Many of the photographs used on the CheapTents blog are obtained from Flickr or other sources under Creative Commons. These photographs have an attribution licence. Attribution means that anyone is free to copy, distribute, display the photograph / image, but only if credit is given to the person who took the photograph / copyright owner.

    Therefore if anyone wishes to use photographs that are on this blog which are identified as being sourced from Flickr, you are free to do so as long as you give credit to the person who took the photograph / copyright owner. We suggest, however, that you download the photograph from Flickr rather than from this blog and check the licensing terms.

    For more information about the Creative Commons attribution license please see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0

    We have set up a Flickr account and are adding the photos used on the CheapTents.com blog as Favourites. There are photographs of mountain scenes, countryside and many other things besides! Take a look at the CheapTents.com Flickr profile.

    Some of the photographs we have used are under copyright, in which case we have purchased or obtained the owners permission to use them. These photographs are not free to use.

    Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags