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With the London 2012 Olympics around a month away, here at Cheap Tents we are getting fairly excited. One of the biggest reasons we are excited is because of an initiative by our friends at Camping Ninja, called Camping at the Games.

camping at the olympic games 2012

Camping Ninja are a campsite booking service that are pretty awesome, with a mission to get the right people to the right campsites quickly and easily via their online booking system. We’ve previously done a review of Camping Ninja, hence we know they are pretty cool ninjas.

With nearly 7 million tickets sold by the end of last year, it was always clear that there wouldn’t be enough hotel rooms to cope in or around London itself. People from across the UK and the globe would be travelling to London and may well end up booking a hotel thats an hour train journey from London. With this in mind Camping Ninja started working with local sports clubs, the aim to create “pop up camp sites” around London offering affordable accommodation.

The result is amazing, there are now 10 local sports clubs which will be offering their green pastures and facilities as a campsite during the Olympics and Paralympics. The idea is to ensure each campsite is fun, family friendly and affordable. The costs per night at £10 per adult and £5 per child, you can even hire a pre-erected 4 man tent if you haven’t already purchased a family size tent.

The monies raised, rather than go into the hotel chains, will go directly into the local sports clubs – helping to finance them over the years to come and invest in the future of the clubs, young people and their communities, now thats what we call a lasting legacy from the Olympic games!

If you are interested in booking a pitch at an olympic campsite, or you would like to know more information about Camping at the Games, visit CampingAtTheGames.com or follow @campatthegames

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