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What makes the best outdoor gear the best, is the way it performs.  For people serious about their outdoor gear, it’s usually because they are testing it in ways that you would think it is designed for.  Outdoor sports clothing is a specifically designed for it’s purpose ad one of the items of gear that has been so popular this year has been the Gore-Tex Pro Shell waterproof jackets.  You might also want to check out the outdoor clothing advice section.

Gore-Tex have replaced their Gore-Tex XCR technology with the new and improved Gore-Tex Pro Shell technology.  We’ve seen it across a number of jackets so far this year, and the feedback had been very good indeed.

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Insoles can be used in Walking Boots.

Insoles can be used in Walking Boots. Source: Flickr by re-ality.

Cushioning for Feet

Outdoor activities such a walking, backpacking, mountaineering and fell running cause a lot of force to be applied through the knees and onto the feet. Most walking boots and running shoes provide some cushioning against this. Simple insoles can be put inside walking boots and running shoes to provide additional cushioning and absorb impact shock made by feet that are pounding on rocky trails all day.

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Not Just Ice Climbing…Crampon Dancing!

If you are lucky this winter, lots of snow will fall on the hills and mountains near where you live. You will be able to get out your crampons and ice axes and go mountaineering. Alternatively you could do the crampon dance

Advice about choosing winter mountaineering accessories can be found on our ice axe and crampons advice page. Obviously if you do not have any winter accessories, then you can buy crampons and ice axes from us 🙂

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We all know that Brasher make some of the best hillwalking boots available, and now they can prove it.  The increasingly popular brand of walking boots announced record sales for September, making their sales count an exceptional 87% up on the same time last year…quite popular indeed, especially considering the prevailing economic conditions!

Working for an outdoor shop, I can see that Brasher are certainly amongst our best selling hiking boots, quite a tribute to the brand we feel as there are so many excellent walking boots out there!
Increasing investment in product development and marketing are behind the growth, according to Brasher’s Managing Director Andy Loeber who adds:

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You may remember, a while ago we wrote this fun quiz asking whether you are serious about reducing the weight of your backpack, when out running, walking, climbing or riding, asking: are you a lightweight?

Ultralight Specialists

Years and years of working in the outdoor industry, has led us into our very own niche…one that we proudly can say that we are probably the biggest and best and doing what we do: selling the lightest gear at reduced prices, throughout the year. No seasonal discounting for us – low prices all year!

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Outdoor People

Help and AdviceOutdoor gear, sports and camping are definitely our thing.  Each of the team at CheapTents.com, enjoys their own range of outdoor sports and activities from leisurely walking to travel and triathalons, or from climbing to mountain biking and bivouacking.  For this reason, we take a great interest in a wide range of outdoor gear and how it performs for it’s designated purpose.  So for this matter we thought we would plant this knowledge down into a library of outdoor resources for others to share…

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A whole lot of support

A quick post to say thank you to all those that keep on coming back to our website. Each month we get up to 50,000 visitors, or more, so we really want to thank you for showing your support!


Being an independent retailer we are so grateful that our reputation online has been appreciated to this extent, and it’s all come on the back of word-of-mouth recommendations, along with blog and forum mentions that we’ve been able to do this.

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Having spent the weekend walking near Tower Wood by Windemere in Cumbria, I am now feeling as invigorated as ever, but noticing some aches and pains in my feet and ankles…why, you ask?  Well the lack of walking boots for one!

Mountain Bike Shoes as Walking Boots?

The weekend was meant to be one for camping and mountain biking around the more accessible trails around Windemere with my girlfriend, but after constant flat tyres and no time to get rim tape to fix the trouble, we decided to go for a hike around the Windemere’s surrounding hills…

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As the trail and fell running season is well on it’s way, it seems like a good time to look into the sport of running in a bit more detail to help cover the differences between trail, adventure and fell running.

What is Trail Running?

Trail running is a general term typically meaning that runners follow off-road trails in or around the countryside.  The gradient can be flat or steep and can consist of varying distances.  People of all abilities can enjoy trail running as it accommodates easy to hard terrains.

This could be you...

Something for the weekend...?

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags