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To help launch our new running section, which is the place to find all of your running gear, check out my video feature review of Salomon’s excellent Fast Wing Hoodie.

Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie

This lightweight windproof jacket which has been designed for runners as both a training or race jacket. Looking at the Fast Wing you may be forgiven for thinking that it is like many other lightweight windshirts but when you scratch below the surface and look at the features you come to appreciate that attention to detail Salomon have gone to in their design.

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Our staff are outdoor enthusiasts who love nothing more than talking about gear and helping our customers get the right products for their needs, and now you can pick their brains on a Sunday too!

Christmas 2013 Sunday Opening

With Christmas 2013 just around the corner our shop based at 240 Manchester Road, Warrington, WA1 3BE will be opening on Sundays (8th December, 15th and 22nd December) so you can come in and do some Christmas shopping. Don’t forget we are open Monday – Saturday opening at 9:30AM and closing at 6:00PM, with late night shopping until 8:00PM on a Thursday.

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A Windy Hike on Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh

A Windy Hike on Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh. Source: Flickr by joe.lipson

Standing in our shop last week I had an epiphany whilst examining two different windshirts, a thought came into my mind which stunned me that wind proof clothing is even more versatile than I thought! Now in my defence I know Waterproof Jackets are 100% windproof, but what I was thinking about was the other windproof and wind resistant products that are on the market. The kind of clothing designed especially for summer or active use, as you don’t really want to wear your waterproof on a lovely bright BREEZY day do you? Or a fleece that as soon as the wind gusts is as much protection as a chocolate fireguard?

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If Santa shopped with CheapTents I wonder what he would buy? I can see his email now,
“Hi Gareth, my delivery clothes are looking a bit worse for wear. I’ve seen you’ve got some great deals and was wondering, can you kit me out for this year? I’m pretty short of time, as I’ve got millions of Christmas presents to pack. I need a red jacket, its my trademark! But would prefer dark pants for a change, you should see the state of me when I’ve finished, no one cleans their chimney anymore!”

Santa would write, I've seen you've got some great deals and was wondering can you kit me out for this year?
Image by Paul Wittal, Source Flickr

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The motto of the outdoors person should always be “Prepare, Prepare, Prepare”. This is a motto many people live by, and it’s pretty good too. In essence it means if you prepare you will succeed. So with this motto in mind I began looking for the perfect Christmas stocking fillers that I can gift to family, friends as well as other staff here at CheapTents (don’t tell them though).

I searched through out website, found a few nice ideas and so I thought I would post a few to see what you think. For each I’ve written a little review of the product and why I thought it would be a nice stocking filler this Christmas. Any feedback you can give or other ideas would be appreciated.

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Let’s you and I take a little trip down memory lane. In the last 2 or 3 years we’ve had some of the worst winter weather on records for the UK. It has been so bad that many people have complained to both us and other companies that they didn’t receive an Christmas Gift orders in time for the celebrations, due to delays in delivery by Royal Mail and Parcelforce.

This year, as we did last year, we are advising all of our customers about which dates they should order by. This is to ensure the best chance of receiving the products in time for Christmas.

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Winter has finally arrived, with the belated arrival of The North Face McMurdo Down Insulated Waterproof Jacket, delayed by The North Face for a couple months it is now here, so bring on the cold weather!


We are not currently stocking The North Face McMurdo Parka. Our nearest equivalent from The North Face is the TNF Nanavik Jacket or the Didricksons Shelter Waterproof Parka.

North Face McMurdo

North Face McMurdo in Fig Green

With an RRP of £275 we have set our CheapTents price at £214.99 a saving of just over £60 off RRP.

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Asolo comes to CheapTents.com

Asolo comes to CheapTents!

We are excited to announce that Asolo hiking boots are now available at CheapTents!

Asolo is one of the leading footwear manufacturers in the world, with over 30 years of award winning experience, making high quality shoes for the outdoor footwear market. We are delighted that we will be able to offer their products to you.

Currently we are stocking two varieties and expect to expand our range quickly. At this moment the range consists of the Imperial GV and Spyre GV hiking boots, both have GoreTex linings and Vibram sole units.

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Update: We are not currently stocking the Carbonlite and instead recommend the LEKI Albula Lite Antishock walking pole which also features the ergonomic Aergon handgrip.

LEKI is one of the premier brands when it comes to hiking & walking poles, their name is synonymous with building high quality products using the most technologically advanced materials available.

The LEKI Carbonlite Walking Pole is a particular favourite of many customers, combining material strength and lightness (approx 190g per pole) in a package which was awarded by Outdoor Magazine with their 2009 “Gear of the Year” award.

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Father’s day (bah humbug!), the time of the year when we are supposed to buy our dad something nice, to thank him for hereditary baldness, our inability to change a light-bulb and in my case life long purgatory of supporting Salford City Reds!

Are you fed up of seeing his face when he barely tries to hide his disappointment with the look of “oh, great a bottle of whiskey, that’s what I wanted…NOT.” Or with my dad the rigmarole of him saying he “doesn’t want anything” and then when I don’t buy him anything the Oscar winning sulking that would make a five year old or premier league footballer proud.

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