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Have you ever bought a rucksack thinking “oh, I can fit this this and that into this rucksack” and then found that you could not fit as much in as you thought? Well, you wouldn’t be alone, I myself do it at least once a year… I usually find I am disappointed that something I thought would fit actually doesn’t. So, in this post I will be taking a look at 4 sizes of bag: 65+L (large rucksacks), 45L & 35L (medium rucksacks) and 25L (small rucksacks) to see what items actually fit into the rucksacks. The idea is simply to give you a feel of the amount of room in each bag, meaning you can make an informed decision next time you need to buy a rucksack for your great outdoor adventures.

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During 2010 we’ve managed to rack up over 100 articles on this blog. These have included interviews, products reviews, industry news and much more. To celebrate the end of another great year we’ve choosen our favourite posts (of all time) and the 10 most popular posts of 2010 to share with you once again.

Most Popular Posts of 2010

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In the summer of 2009, Google released City Tours to it’s “labs”. Google Labs is where Google places potential new services and tools for testing and improvement before launch. It’s now a year and a half later and City Tours is still stuck inside Labs, though many features have been implemented within Google Maps.

Google City Tours

Google City Tours – Source GoogleSystem Blog

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The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation UIAA have produced an instructional video about ice climbing which they have posted on YouTube and is embedded below. It is called Basic Ice Climbing and is presented by four-time world champion ice climber Ines Papert. Considered the best female ice climber in the world, Ines Papert specialises in climbing frozen waterfalls, so she certainly has the necessary credentials for the ice climbing instruction.

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A Snowdonia peak has been found to be an extra 1.8m, due to more accurate height measurements, and has become the 5th “super-mountain” in Wales.

Glyder Fawr - Snowdonia - Tents

Glyder Fawr - Source Flickr MarchiCTID

Glyder Fawr was measured at 999m using a “photogrammetry” method where detailed aerial images are used to create a 3d model from which measurements are taken. However, this method can be wrong by up to 3m. Enthusiasts from G & J Surveys have used more accurate measurements made by GPS equipment to find the mountain is actually 1000.8m above sea level.

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Earlier this month the second anniversary of the CheapTents.com Outdoor Gear Blog passed by uneventfully. Yet on the 7th of August 2009, the first anniversary was celebrated with a summary of our favourite outdoor blog posts. So it seems only fitting that we should do a round up of the best posts of our second year before this month is over.

Best Outdoor Gear Posts

One of our favourite bits of outdoor gear this year is the Vango Helium Superlite tent. Available in two models, the 1 man 100 model and the 2 man 200 tent, both are lightweight, rugged and ideally suited for mountain marathons or solo walking. Our review looks at the Vango tents in detail.

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Finding the best apps around is never easy, especially given the nature of Android being open source which means anyone can create an app and send it into the wild.  So to help ease the burden of finding the best mapping apps around we at cheap tents have come up with our top 4 Android Apps for you to download and play with. Either search them in the market place or scan the barcode.

Let us know what you think of these apps, or suggest some other apps

Before we start, don’t forget Google Maps on the Android is also an amazing app and is really quite powerful.

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In the future, due to shortages of land and restrictions in transport, food could be grown in skyscrapers. Often referred to as vertical farms, these buildings could become a prominent feature of the urban environment. For many city dwelling people, these vertical farms will offer the opportunity to go hiking. However, skyscrapers are not the only type of structure which can be used for growing vegetation.

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Flowers planted in a pothole in an East London Street

Fill That Hole! A mini-garden in the street. Source: Flickr by ©thepotholegardener

Following the cold snap at the beginning of the year, our roads were left full of potholes, causing a nightmare for cyclists and drivers alike. Fortunately help was at hand, the Fill That Hole website being just the ticket for reporting potholes to your local highways agency. Using Google maps the exact location of the pothole can be pinpointed and reported. Fairplay to my local highway authority who have patched up a lot of potholes since the big freeze. Not everyone has been so lucky, however. The roads in East London have not had their potholes filled in a timely fashion, leading to a spate of gardening in the streets. In a protest over the lack of remedial road care by his local authority, the mysterious pothole gardener has taken action. Sporting a safety vest and armed with a trowel, some soil and flowers, he has taken to the streets and literally filled that hole!

A pothole in an East London Road

Before...a pothole

A pothole garden in an East London Street

After...a mini garden

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It is fast becoming apparent that unless we want to exhaust all the resources on our shared planet, sustainability is the way forward. With an emphasis on re-use and recycling we thought it would be fun to come up with some ideas for re-using old camping equipment. Here are some ideas that we had…


Tent Flysheet or Groundsheet protector

– sail for a sailing boat
– curtains

Tent Poles

– wind chimes

Tent pegs

– cooking / kebab skewers

Tent mesh inner

– bee keeping hat
– light boxes for photography

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags