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Christmas 2013 Sunday Opening

With Christmas 2013 just around the corner our shop based at 240 Manchester Road, Warrington, WA1 3BE will be opening on Sundays (8th December, 15th and 22nd December) so you can come in and do some Christmas shopping. Don’t forget we are open Monday – Saturday opening at 9:30AM and closing at 6:00PM, with late night shopping until 8:00PM on a Thursday.

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the ramblers association

The Ramblers Association

With the Olympic Games just a few days away, we want to share some great news. The Ramblers Association are encouraging walking to and from Olympic venues in London.

Over the fortnight there are dozens of walks to be taken, all led by The Ramblers, and all Free of charge.

The Ramblers Said:

We are leading walks to and from selected Games venues across London, Lee Valley, Hadleigh Farm, Eton Dorney and Weymouth. The walks provide a healthy and sustainable way to get to events while taking in some of the many sights around the venues.

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Back in May we published a post letting everyone know that the 2012 OMM location was still a mystery, and that the OMM 2012 will not be in the Kielder Forest. Last week (14th July) OMM announced the location of the 2012 OMM to be the Howgills.

Omm 2012 race gathering

OMM 2011 Racers – Image: OMM

Howgill Fells

The Howgills Fells can be found between the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District, with southern parts lying within the Dales. The Howgills Fells include 2 Marilyn’s, The Calf at 2,218ft (676m) and Yarlside at 2,096ft (639m) in addition there are also many smaller peaks.

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Logo for the Coast Along charity fundraiserWithout a doubt the UK coastline boasts some of our most amazing scenery. Picture in your mind rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, tidal estuaries and abundant wildlife. Perfect places for walking! Oh, and there’s one more thing you might notice on a coastal walk… lots of water! Which brings us onto WaterAid, a Non-Governmental Organisation dedicated to providing clean water and sanitation for poor people, and who are holding a coastal walking charity fundraiser this September.

One in ten people worldwide do not have access to clean water. Over two and a half billion live without somewhere safe to go to the toilet. Every day 4,000 children die from diarrhoea caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. WaterAid

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Cheap Tents Celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012

The Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012

You will probably have heard about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, which luckily for most of us includes 2 bank holidays (4th and 5th June). Many people and communities will be celebrating in different ways, including street parties and bbq’s, others amongst us will use the long weekend to get out hiking and camping for a few days.

Of course here at Cheap Tents we will be doing our bit to join in the celebrations, as you will see next week. We’ll have some special offers for campers and walkers to really help your Jubilee Weekend go well.

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Runners in the Original Mountain Marathon.

Runner on the fells during the 2008 OMM. Source OMM.

Formerly known as the Karrior International Mountain Marathon KIMM, the Original Mountain Marathon is said to be the forerunner of adventure racing. From its inception in 1968, each year this legendary outdoor event has taken place in a different area of the UK. Whilst the region where the race is to take place is revealed early, the exact location is given out only a couple of months before the event takes place.

Mystery Surrounding Location of OMM 2012

This year the OMM will be taking place on the 27/28th October in the North of England.

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The family fun begins this weekend with many schools starting their Easter break, though some start their holiday next week. With this in mind we’ve done some digging around and found some great events across the UK in the coming weeks, fun for all the family.

We’ve done our best to segment our list by location (eg Manchester, London, Devon etc) but unfortunately we can’t cover everywhere. So if you can’t see a location near you then scroll to the bottom of this article and we’ve listed some great resources for finding events just like the ones we are listing today.

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London 2 Brighton Challenge LogoThis post has been updated for 2013!

On the 25/26 May the London 2 Brighton Challenge will be taking place. Now in its third year, this 100 km event is extremely popular for charity fund raising. One of the charity partners is The Hunger Project, and they are looking for volunteers to take part in the event. You can choose to walk, jog or run the 100 km route, so why not sign up and take the challenge?

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The motto of the outdoors person should always be “Prepare, Prepare, Prepare”. This is a motto many people live by, and it’s pretty good too. In essence it means if you prepare you will succeed. So with this motto in mind I began looking for the perfect Christmas stocking fillers that I can gift to family, friends as well as other staff here at CheapTents (don’t tell them though).

I searched through out website, found a few nice ideas and so I thought I would post a few to see what you think. For each I’ve written a little review of the product and why I thought it would be a nice stocking filler this Christmas. Any feedback you can give or other ideas would be appreciated.

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This is my first blog post, and though it is not my first attempt to use English I’ll apologise in advance for the incorrect grammar, spelling, typos and general idiocy that this post will surely exhibit!

The point of this particular post is to discuss the Bogle Stroll 2011 that I have signed myself up for. The event is taking place at 7pm on Friday March 4th 2011. The Bogle Stroll 2011 is organised by Manchester RAG (Raise and Give), which is a part of the University of Manchester Students Union, an excellent organisation that oversees and supports charity fundraising by Manchester Students.

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