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If you’ve not had a chance to visit our outdoor gear store, why not do the next best thing? In the video below, Martyn, one of our friendly gear experts, will take you on a guided tour around the various sections of our bricks and mortar shop. You can see our outdoor clothing, running gear, rucksacks and footwear before ascending to our large permanent tent display on the first floor.

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Jack Wolfskin LogoWe are delighted to announce that our shopping site CheapTents, will supply Jack Wolfskin the leading European outdoor brand from April 2012. This will see us initially offering Jack Wolfskin tents, building to stock a complete range of Jack Wolfskin clothing, footwear and rucksacks in time for our winter collection this year.

Jack Wolfskin, is a leading brand in the outdoors market which over the past few years has begun to increase its presence in the U.K. Anyone watching Premier League Football will have no doubt seen prominent Jack Wolfskin advertisements as the company sponsors both Liverpool F.C. and Fulham F.C., which shows their intent to become a major player in the U.K. market. However, they are much more than a well oiled marketing machine! Their products are high quality, well designed and competitively priced.

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Time has flown by since the beginning on the new Millennium! Its hard to imagine that the now iconic structures of the London Eye and the Millennium Dome were brand new, and that they were supposed to be only temporary. At that time the internet was becoming more and more mainstream but it certainly wasn’t the everyday business, communication, entertainment and information media that it has become today.

Yet way back in the year 2000, at Adventure Centre Ltd, we started work on CheapTents. At that time there were several well-known discounting websites such as Cheap Flights. From this the idea of the CheapTents brand was born. It made perfect sense since we were selling top quality outdoor gear at discounted prices, but of course, Not Just Tents!

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For the past three years the CheapTents team have been writing outdoor blog posts! Whether its gear, getting out and about, industry news, interviews or wildlife, there is a lot going on in the great outdoors. To celebrate our birthdays we like to put together a collection of our favourite posts from the past 12 months. This year we’ll dispense with the long, rambling approach and get straight to the links!

Outdoor Gear

It’s no surprise that we love our outdoor gear and tent reviews are always popular!

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Today we’ve launched a new social media feature into our product pages. We’ve added three buttons to the bottom of our product information pages.

Two of these buttons you will no doubt be familiar with, if you use the internet on a regular basis, Facebook and Twitter. There is also one button you may not be so familiar with, Google +1.
There is more information about these services below.

Try the new buttons on our products today

You can find the buttons just below the price and options box on all product pages, for example the Vaude Power Lizard.

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During 2010 we’ve managed to rack up over 100 articles on this blog. These have included interviews, products reviews, industry news and much more. To celebrate the end of another great year we’ve choosen our favourite posts (of all time) and the 10 most popular posts of 2010 to share with you once again.

Most Popular Posts of 2010

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Here at CheapTents we fully understand the chaos that surrounds most people at this festive time of year, especially those of us taking part in the annual practice of last minute shopping.

But never fear, for CheapTents are here!
That sounded much catchier in my head…

Well kind of, if you are needing to last minute shop you will need to pop down to our physical store, in Warrington, the Adventure Centre. That is because our last shipping dates for pre-Christmas delivery have now been and gone, meaning orders placed online from Monday 20th will more than likely be delivered post-Christmas.

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IMPORTANT: 2011 Christmas Shopping Dates can be found here

Whilst some of us are enjoy the current weather conditions, ideal for walking in the countryside, however we have heard a few moans and groans about the snowy weather conditions. Even from our delivery partners. Anyway I’m loving the weather and hope you are too but we need to tell you about some possible delays in delivery of orders.

Most of the UK is currently under severe weather warning for “wintery conditions” and as such the Royal Mail and Parcel Force, our delivery partners, have issues warnings that some deliveries may experience delays.

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IMPORTANT: Please NOTE final Shipping Dates for Christmas 2010 have now passed

At CheapTents we want to keep our customers “in the loop”, as part of this we have been continually giving you delivery updates during the recent bad weather. Today we’ve been contacted by one of our two despatch companies explaining that orders despatched after Friday will not reach various scottish regions until AFTER christmas.

This means that if you are ordering with the intention of delivery to an affected area before Christmas you must order BEFORE Friday (17th).

Post code areas affected by this:
Note: this is currently only affected SCOTTISH Postal Codes

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Today we competed Phase One of the CheapTents.com redesign and I would like to tell you a little about what we have done and what else you can expect in the near future.

Why Are We Changing?

It has been several years since our last big redesign. Since then the web has changed a lot, we’ve seen the demise of Internet Explorer 6 and the rise of Social Media and the Mobile Web. With this in mind we wanted to revamp our website and make it fit for the day and the future.

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