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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags

Update: During 2014 Cumulus was rebranded as Criterion Sleeping Bags, as such references in this article which were orginally Cumulus have been changed to Criterion.


There has been great interest in Criterion Sleeping Bags in recent years.  if you’ve got one, good choice, if not, read on…

Why Do Criterion Sleeping Bags Stand-Apart?

What stands Criterion apart from the down sleeping bag crowd and the reason for us selling their sleeping bags, is their incredible warmth-to-weight ratio, and at a very affordable price.  To follow is some tests and reviews on the Criterion sleeping bag range, but first a little bit about Criterion:

About Criterion Sleeping Bags

From their website, here is a little bit of blurb about Criterion sleeping bags:

Criterion has been making high quality specialist outdoor equipment for more than 12 years with sales mainly in Europe and USA. Criterion down-insulated sleeping bags and specialist clothing (jackets and trousers) have been used on many high altitude mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas, Andes, Alps, Pamir and Atlas mountains. Notably, members of the 2002/03 and 2003/04 expeditions up K2 and Shisha Pangma, in severe winter conditions, made use of Criterion equipment…The FIRST EVER successful winter ascent of Shisha Pangma in January 2005 featured Criterion sleeping bags at the 7800 metre camp.

Criterion Sleeping Bags, August 2008

Criterion Sleeping Bag Materials

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s probably because you’ve heard about Criterion sleeping bags.  The reason that you’ve heard of them is because the materials used to make Criterion sleeping bags are coupled with design expertise.  Those into keeping warm at night will be pleased to hear that Criterion sleeping bags use what is regarded by most as the finest Polish goose down and what is regarded as the best outer fabric, Pertex.

Criterion Expedition 1100

Interestingly, Criterion sleeping bags have carried out very little advertising compared to other down sleeping bag manufacturers, deriving it’s success from word-of-mouth advertising.  This follows on from aiming to make the best down sleeping bags available.

If you’re looking for more advice on sleeping bags, both down and synthetic options, please visit the sleeping bag help page – here you’ll be able to learn about their construction, features, season-rating, and pros and cons of each type.

Criterion Sleeping Bags Tests & Review

In order to help keep the sleeping bag reviews organised, they will each follow on from this blog post, as opposed to having the longest blog post ever, so remember patience is a virtue!

And don’t forget, contact us for more information on Criterion sleeping bags or anything else in regards to sleeping bags advice on 01925 411 385, or via email.

Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags