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Father’s day (bah humbug!), the time of the year when we are supposed to buy our dad something nice, to thank him for hereditary baldness, our inability to change a light-bulb and in my case life long purgatory of supporting Salford City Reds!

Are you fed up of seeing his face when he barely tries to hide his disappointment with the look of “oh, great a bottle of whiskey, that’s what I wanted…NOT.” Or with my dad the rigmarole of him saying he “doesn’t want anything” and then when I don’t buy him anything the Oscar winning sulking that would make a five year old or premier league footballer proud.

Well fear not, for I have put myself in the position of being a father (although there isn’t much chance of that ever happening with my hereditary baldness, inability to change a lightbulb, snoring, bad temper thanks for your genes dad…. er I digress.) Anyway I asked myself what would I like my son or daughter to get me? Much to my disappointment as I scanned the products in our range, I didn’t see a Ferrari or a wig. So I drew up this list instead!

North Face Tucker Canyon S/S Shirt

Ideal for fathers of any age!

The North Face Tucker Canyon

I find The North Face Tucker Canyon Short Sleeve Shirt to be ageless, with father’s of any age being able to wear this plaid designed shirt with confidence. The Tucker is a shirt that can be worn with a variety of trousers, shorts, trekking pants and jeans and it has the beauty of being able to be worn tucked in or out. Although designed to be a casual shirt the Tucker is formal enough to be worn at work where a tie is not required. The Tucker mixes organic cotton with polyester to be lightweight and breathable.

Berghaus Corporate Polo

Corporate Polo - Classic Understated Styling

Berghaus Corporate Polo

Staying with clothing my next pick is the Berghaus Corporate Polo Shirt, which will appeal to dads the world over with its understated stylish design, soft collar and Berghaus branding. Its dark blue colour allows the Corporate Polo as with the Tucker Canyon shirt to be worn with all manner of trousers and shorts and in many situations, it is as equally at home on the golf course as it is in the restaurant for a family birthday party (that is unless your family birthday parties see everyone in evening dress, then you might stick out!) I also like the Berghaus Corporate Polo because its dark navy colour goes with many different colours, it will also appeal to those Neanderthal fathers such as my brother who believe that anything that isn’t black or blue is for girls and not real men, (yes I’ve cleaned that up and yes I’m surprised he speaks to me after I wore a pink shirt!)

Craghoppers Kiwi Zip Off

Trouser or Short? Have both!

Craghoppers Kiwi Zip Off Trousers

Moving south of the border I come to trousers and I feel that Craghoppers Kiwi Zip Off Trousers are a great addition for the summer wardrobe. The Kiwi Zip Off looks like any standard trekking trouser whilst the zip off capability allows them to be turned into a knee length short giving the flexibility whilst out and about to react to conditions. If you do have summer rain the Kiwi Zip Off has a water repellent finish. The elasticated waist and supplied belt are great for fathers whose training days are behind them or who have had one to many slices of cake at dinner! Please note that it is your responsibility if you tell your dad Bear Grylls and Craghoppers work together, and it is most definitely your responsibility if he decides to start eating bugs in your garden or take part in other stange Grylls’ like behaviours! You know such climbing up the drainpipe to get into his home when he forgets his key or using the curtains to make a flaming torch rather than turning the light on!

North Face Base Camp Messenger Bag

Robust and Stylish with space for his Laptop

The North Face Base Camp Messenger Bag

I must add The North Face Base Camp Messenger Bag to this list, but only for those dads who are style conscious. Available in a variety of sizes, I would personally recommend the medium (18L) size, which has plenty of room for laptops, iPads etc, which is ideal for work, night school and all manner of daily activities. With the choice of a variety of colours the 18L bag looks robust and “manly” if your dad may be worried about a “man bag”.

Vango Corona Chair

Comfy, moveable and doesn't need painting!

Vango Corona Heavy Duty Chair

My last choice maybe the most off the wall, but I really would like a Vango Corona Chair. Now at £27.00 you may think I am off my rocker and you would be correct! But, this is not a glorified deck chair, without the jolly seaside colouring, it is an extremely robust, comfy, full sized chair, with a holder for a can and the ability to move it in to different back positions. This is the Rolls Royce of the camping chair world, packs into its own storage sack which can be easily placed in a shed when it rains.

Think of your dad’s face when he realises he can sit in his garden (that your mum probably looks after) and enjoy the evening air, find peace in the world, safe in the knowledge that he doesn’t have to spend loads of time every year repainting and treating his garden furniture. Or if you’re a swine like me buy two chairs so your mum can sit next to him and shatter his peace!

And Finally

Well as Porky Pig says “that’s all folks” a quick musing on some inexpensive gifts which are sure to bring a smile to his face and not be hidden away in his sock draw like those pink fluffy socks you bought him last year!

My final word is for those, whose fathers like mine frequently find themselves in the Dog House, I know a website where you can get him a cheap tent, so the dog can have some room!

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