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Having recently travelled to India I was gutted to find out that I had missed out on an opportunity to visit the Indian Mountaineering Foundation Museum in New Delhi. I found some information about the museum on a tourist map but neither the address nor the location of the museum were actually shown on the map. A taxi driver told me that it was a long way off and, since I was running short of time I abandoned the idea. However it turned out that the museum was just round the corner from my hotel so I could have gone there after all!

Tenzing Norgay Museum

The museum, known as the Tenzing Norgay Museum, is a two-tier hall containing exhibits, pictures, panoramas and dioramas etc. depicting various facets of the Himalayas, history of exploration, survey of the mountain peaks and development of mountaineering. The focus has been on mountaineering in the Indian Himalaya, with a section on Documentation and Information. It includes prominent sections on maps of the Himalayan states of India with a unique “professional class centre” of maps, panoramas and climbing and trekking routes.

There is also a climbing wall at the the Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

Help with Indian Expeditions

If you want to go on an expedition in India or go climbing or mountaineering in India then you will need to contact the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. Please see below for information about the Indian Mountaineering Foundation and how they can help you.

About the Indian Mountaineering Foundation

Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) as an apex national body, has the objective of organising, supporting and providing a base for expeditions for mountaineering, skiing, rock climbing, trekking at high altitudes and to promote, encourage, support and execute schemes for related adventure activities and environmental protection work in the Himalaya.

IMF co-ordinates climbing in the Indian Himalaya, organises national and international conferences, training / environment-cleaning camps and climbing competitions. IMF is closely associated with the Ministries of Sports, Home, Defence, Tourism and Environment of the Government of India. Foreigners can climb mountain peaks in India after obtaining the required clearances, which can be obtained with the help of the IMF .

IMF was formed in 1957 as the `Sponsoring Committee of the Cho Oyu Expedition, the success of which on May 15, 1958, encouraged the Committee to sponsor more expeditions. In 1959, it changed its name to the `Sponsoring Committee of Everest Expedition and in the following year `Sponsoring Committee for Mountaineering Expeditions. Finally, on January 15, 1961 a permanent organization was set up, in its role as the national body, with headquarters in New Delhi and was registered as such on November 3, 1961. Its building was inaugurated by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1980.

Contact details of The Indian Mountaineering Foundation:

The Indian Mountaineering Foundation is located at the University of Delhi (South Campus) in south Delhi, about halfway between the centre of New Delhi and Indira Gandhi International Airport.


The Indian Mountaineering Foundation
6, Benito Juarez Road
New Delhi– 110021


Indian Mountaineering Foundation

+91 11 24111211
+91 11 24117935
+91 11 24111572

Fax: +91 11 24113412

I want more info!

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If you’ve been to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation or know of someone that has, share your thoughts.  It’s a great resource and one that certainly needs supporting considering how many climbers it helps!

Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags