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Kevin Thaw’s Top 10 Tips for calling your mum from Everest’s summit

Kevin Thaw is a technical whiz on expeditions around the world.  Summiting Everest is one thing, but then imagine being given the task of dealing with communications too!  Considering there aren’t any phone boxes up there or internet cafe’s it’s quite a responsibility…

Chatting to your mates on top of Mount Everest is possible though, just follow these tips provided by Kevin Thaw in an interview with the timesonline.co.uk…

  1. Keep your mobile under your armpit or in your pocket – the cold wears the battery down faster
  2. Avoid hard drives in flavour of Flash memory – there’s no problem with ‘diminishing air cushions’
  3. Don’t breathe on touch-screens – the steam will freeze
  4. Use a geo-stationary, rather than an orbital, satellite – the signal is interrupted less
  5. Fashion a pointer so you don’t have to take your gloves off when you type
  6. Use POP, rather than web, e-mail – it’s ‘more seamless’
  7. Use AA batteries, lithium rather than alkaline. They last longer
  8. Create a new e-mail account, so you get less time-wasting spam
  9. Get an iPAC pocket PC – they’re the only ones that take all memory cards
  10. Use an old-fashioned car cigarette lighter adapter to connect devices to a battery pack for charging.

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Your thoughts…

Do you have any tips on how to look after your gear and technology when out and about?  Let us know by posting your comments below...

Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags