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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags

It is fast becoming apparent that unless we want to exhaust all the resources on our shared planet, sustainability is the way forward. With an emphasis on re-use and recycling we thought it would be fun to come up with some ideas for re-using old camping equipment. Here are some ideas that we had…


Tent Flysheet or Groundsheet protector

– sail for a sailing boat
– curtains

Tent Poles

– wind chimes

Tent pegs

– cooking / kebab skewers

Tent mesh inner

– bee keeping hat
– light boxes for photography



– flowerpot, as illustrated by BestHike editor Rick McCharles in the photo below:

Re-use of camping equipment. This rucksack is now a flower pot.

Outdoor gear can be re-used for many purposes. Source: Flickr by Rick McCharles.

Rucksack Cover

– emergency parachute

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bag

– elephant’s trunk warmer
– enormous Christmas stocking
– thief’s swag bag

Outdoor Clothing

Waterproof Jackets and Trousers, Fleeces, Softshells…

– cut them up and use them as rags
– make a (waterproof) patchwork quilt
– take them to Oxfam where they can be recycled as part of the Fabric4Life Campaign.


– sock puppets
– put a tennis ball, cricket ball or baseball in the sock and peg the sock to the washing line, ideal for practising your swing


– cut off the fingers to make egg cosies for Quail’s eggs

Climbing Gear

Climbing Helmet

– when held by the chin strap they can be used as a basket


– rucksack decoration

Rocks On Wire

– Christmas Tree Decorations

Walking Boots

Walking Boots

– pen holder
– door stops, you may need to fill them with something heavy
– plant pots
– cut the leather into little squares to make a decorative bed head (as seen on The Discovery Channel’s “The Salvager”

Walking and Camping Accessories

Trekking / Walking Poles

– cleaning gutters and drains, by leaning out of the window (yes I do actually do this)
– growing runner beans (in place of garden canes)


– turned upside down they would be ideal for serving olives or even cheese and pineapple squares at dinner parties

Ice Axe

– assassinating Bolshevik revolutionaries
– back scratcher

Camping / Sleeping Mattress

– kneeling mat for gardening, praying or any other activities that require kneeling

Orange Survival Bag

– sledge
– cut side and bottom edges, open it out and use it as a tarpaulin

Dry Bag

– bucket, water carrier or water butt

Platypus Hoser

– a distillation still for making liqueur

Trangia Bowl / Cookset Bowl

– World War One soldier’s tin hat
– hairdresser’s basin for basin haircuts
– plant pot
– dog’s bowl

Ordnance Survey Map

– wallpaper, you can plan future hikes next time you find yourself staring at the wall

Camping Stove

– attach them to the back of your car to make people think you have jet fighter plane style afterburners

Your Ideas for Re-Using Outdoor Gear

Think you can do better or worse? Let’s us know your ideas for re-using outdoor gear, just click on “comments” below…

Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags