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Please share this warning with fellow walkers!

There has been an avalanche warning put out by the Live for the Outdoors forum around the Snowdonia area, as there has been instances of snow falling away from cornices.  Here are the tips provided by the article advising on walking in the hills, especially avalanche prone areas….

  1. If you are sinking in over ankle deep, just maybe you shouldn’t be there..
  2. Avoid leeward slopes (if the wind’s blowing from the north the leeward slope is the south side).
  3. Know that slopes are at their most dangerous between 25º and 50º- even low angle innocuous looking slopes can avalanche.
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Live for the Outdoors (LFTO) wrote a serious, advisory post following an article in Trail Magazine about reasons that should make you think about turning back before reaching the summit.  Whether you are a walker, mountaineer, mountain biker, skier, runner or other, these reasons are certainly worth considering:

  1. Bad Weather – snow, rain, cold and wind can all come in severe doses, so make sure your prepared but sometimes preparation isn’t enough, so know your limits!
  2. Weather Hazards – associated consequences from bad weather such as rockfalls and lightning
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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags