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It seems that almost every post on the internet these days is to do with lists of things. These include things to do, places see, must have products, the smallest, the biggest, the fastest, the most expensive. From the 20 longest bridges in the world to the 15 most embarrassing photos of your favourite celebrities, there is will be a web page about it. So for a bit of fun we’ve created an irreverent list of the top 12 things you need to take camping – how many of these things do you take?

A camping site full of tents

Camping is great fun – but what essential items do you need?
Source: Flickr by Frederic Bisson

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Deciding what food to take when you are backpacking can be a difficult choice. Its always a balancing act between nutrition, energy, taste, longevity, weight, volume, ease of preparation and cooking time. Fortunately we now have a way of making that choice much easier for you! Our new range of meals from Lancashire based company Extreme Food will ensure that you can boost your energy with minimum hassle and low weight whilst tingling your taste buds at the same time!

Extreme Food pouches for outdoor adventures

Tasty food for adventure racing and backpacking!

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Forec Ten outdoor gear logoWe are excited to announce that we have extended our range of Force Ten tents. Designed for expeditions and mountaineering, these high quality tents are durable and will protect you when you are camping in harsh weather conditions. Tents have come on a long way since the classic orange, A-frame Force Ten tent of old. Force Ten design and technology continues to ensure that their range of tents are solid and reliable.

Our new tent models are the Nitro Lite 200+, Meso 3 and Strato 2 which we are offering along side the Helium 2, ION2 and MTN 2.

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Some of us have a tent for every camping scenario. Our resident gear junkie Martyn had at last count 5 tents (maybe he’s looking to open his own camping store!) If you go camping very regularly and have the money it makes sense to have tents each designed for specific purposes, e.g. wild camping, microadventures, winter camping, mountain camping, staying at a campsite etc. Most of us don’t live in this camping utopia and we have to make do with an all-round lightweight camping tent for a variety of types of camping.

We often get asked by our customers the question that I am meandering towards and that is “what makes a good all-round tent?”

Scorpion 2 Multi-Purpose Tent

The Scorpion 2 Tent from Snugpak – A Superb All-Rounder

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In my previous blog post I discussed what it means to go wild camping. In this post I will look at the features which make an ideal wild camping tent. By choosing a suitable tent your wild camping experience or microadventure will be even more rewarding!

Wild camping gives you solitude and a true outdoor experience

Wild Camping. Source: Flickr by Nick Bramall

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We all talk about wild camping, the inter-web is awash with blogs and sites dedicated to it. But exactly what is wild camping?

I originally wanted to write a post about the features you may want to consider for a backpacking tent or bivi bag, but my research opened up so many questions as to how people view wild camping, that before I could write that post, I needed to be clear as to what wild camping actually is!

Welsh wild camping Sunrise - Pic Courtesy M Padgett

The essence of wild camping, watching the sun climb into the sky to begin its daily Westward journey. Photocredit: M Padgett

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Update: We are no longer stocking the Sanctuary II RT and instead recommend the Force 10 Strato 2 tunnel tent, which is a 4 season, 2 person tent that weighs 2.26kg.

The Jack Wolfksin Sanctuary II RT is a spacious, 2 person, tunnel tent. With a weight of 2.65 kg it is light enough for backpacking, yet strong enough to withstand the weather conditions of 4 season camping.

Jack Wolfskin Sanctuary 2 RT tunnel tent

The Jack Wolfskin Real Tunnel design provides stability and more usable space than other tunnel tents. It also has a large vestibule providing plenty of storage and cooking space. The Sanctuary II RT is ideal for expeditions where you could find yourself spending lots of time in your tent.

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Update: We no longer sell the Hubba HP and instead recommend the Nordisk Telemark 1 LW tent, which is lighter than the Hubba HP and has more features.

The MSR Hubba HP is a high performance 3 season, one man tent, with a low weight of 1.36kg. It is easy to pitch and in our eyes is the ultimate one man tent.
msr hubba hp review

Pitching Made Easy

Having previously tested the MSR Holler, which is the only tent so far to reach 5 stars in our reviews, we knew that the MSR Hubba HP was going to be great quality. It lived up to expectations and with a pitch time of less than about 5 minutes, this easy to erect tent was already looking good in our books.

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The Jack Wolfskin Time Tunnel 3 RT is a 3-4 season tunnel tent, ideal for cycle touring, which sleeps 3 and weighs 4.79 kg. It has a large vestibule with two entrances and the tent makes use of the Jack Wolfskin Real Tunnel (RT) Technology, a system which increases stability, also due to the curvature of the poles it increases internal size.

Jack Wolfskin Time Tunnel 3 Tent Review

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Update: The Vaude Taurus 2 has been discontinued. Instead we recommend the The North Face Heyerdahl 3, which is a 3 person, 3 season tunnel tent.

The Vaude Taurus 2 is a 3 man, 3 season tent which weighs in at 2.69 kg. The tent construction is a Curved “A” Reinforced Ridge which is very stable and offers good internal height at the door. The Taurus 2 is an all-in-one pitch which enables the tent to be pitched by one person fairly easily regardless of weather conditions. Although listed for 3 persons we do feel that most users will use it as a 2 person tent, as it’s a great tent for 2 people camping.

vaude taurus 2 tent review

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags