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The Strathpuffer 24 is the world’s only winter 24 hour MTB race with 17 hours of darkness.  A truly punishing race for those with a strong temperament to push themselves around the clock.

The course looks something like the following:

Click on image to zoom in

Click on image to zoom in

…it’s actually a little shorter than the course in the image, as each lap is about 11km but each year it’s slightly different.

Who’s it suitable for?

It’s suitable for advanced and very experienced mountain bikers.  Those with a good level of fitness and excellent endurance.  This is really not a race for the feint-hearted!

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Sam Thompson is one of the most inspiring professional endurance runners in the world.  You can imagine the excitement when Sam agreed to be interviewed by CheapTents.com on his achievements, challenges and motivations.  For an insight into the life of a phenomenal ultramarathon runner, this is truly a great place to start…

Sam Thompson, Pro Endurance Runner

Sam Thompson, Professional Endurance Runner

Sam Thompson’s Background

Born 24th October 1980, Sam is a native adventure runner raised in Mississippi, USA, but currently living in Seattle.

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Help the Nine Edges Endurance Event run smoothly by becoming a marshall for the day…

Edale Mountain Rescue Team needs marshals to help on the Nine Edges Endurance event on Saturday 27th September. This is becoming one of most prestigious and accessible endurance events in the area.

What is the Nine Edges Event?

The Nine Edges Endurances gives you the choice of whether to hike, run, climb or bike the route, so reaches out to all abilities and outdoor sporting enthusiasts.

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