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Paul Bride, Photographer and Adventurer

Paul Bride, Outdoor Photographer

We love getting inspiring outdoor athletes on for interviews and have another one this week who kindly gave up there time to answer a few questions for CheapTents.com readers!

Paul Bride a photographer of whom work has been seen in the Rock & Ice magazine and multiple.  Here’s a bit more about Paul and his adventures…

About Paul Bride

Paul Bride is an adventurer & travel photographer/videographer specialising in expeditions with a focus on climbing and travel. Paul’s work appears consistently in the climbing and outdoor world – in high profile . He currently resides in Squamish British Columbia Canada.

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Having recently travelled to India I was gutted to find out that I had missed out on an opportunity to visit the Indian Mountaineering Foundation Museum in New Delhi. I found some information about the museum on a tourist map but neither the address nor the location of the museum were actually shown on the map. A taxi driver told me that it was a long way off and, since I was running short of time I abandoned the idea. However it turned out that the museum was just round the corner from my hotel so I could have gone there after all!

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