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Last week we posted the first half of our interview with Lightwave and Crux founder Carol McDermott. In the first half, Carol talks about product design in the outdoor industry, why he set up his own outdoor gear companies and his criteria for designing products. This post picks up from where we left off.

Last season saw the release of your Trail range of tents, which saw a big change in design in going from inner pitching to simultaneous pitching; your Hyper range released this year has stayed with simultaneous pitching. What was the reasoning behind this change? Are true inner pitch tents a thing of the past?

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If you are an ultralight camper or hiker you’ve probably heard of Lightwave. Lightwave are dedicated to the design and development of high-quality lightweight and ultra-lightweight tents and rucksacks.

As we see it at CheapTents, Lightwave offer great products which cater for the specific needs of ultralight and lightweight adventurers and campers. Lightwave balances the needs of durability, weight, comfort, ease of use and function amazingly well.

Mount Cook

Mount Cook in New Zealand – source fotopedia

A little about Lightwave and Carol:

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We proudly announced just a couple of weeks ago that we would be selling Lightwave backpacking tents very soon…well the time has arrived to announce, that yes indeed, they are now up for sale in the camping shop.

Lightwave T1 Trek Tents

Lightwave is a UK company specialising in lightweight, highly functional tents and make some of the best backpacking tents available. So are an extra-special addition to our range of discounted tents.

Lightwave Tent Backpacking

Key features and uses of Lightwave tents include:

  • Great range of backpacking tents – lightweight and small pack-size tents that are great for squeezing into the bottom of your weekend backpack.
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Lightwave Tent BackpackingWe can proudly announce that in just 2 weeks we will be selling an excellent range of Lightwave tents.

Update: Lightwave Tents are now available!  See Lightwave Tents here!!!

Here at CheapTents.com, we truly love lightweight tents that can take a bit of battering from the weather people face in the UK and beyond.  It’s why we have become so fond of the build-quality of the Lightwave range of tents.  We think they are certainly amongst the best tents available and don’t use the words ‘best tents’ lightly!

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags