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Mountaineer Matthew D Thornton with winter tools

Matthew D Thornton summits Stob Dearg in winter conditions.

What’s the best way to the summit of Mount Everest? You could answer that it is the south col route from Nepal or maybe that it is via the north east ridge from China. Either way, the journey really starts at a point somewhere else altogether.

In order to stand a chance of reaching the summit you will require mountaineering skills and experience of climbing at high altitude, as well as physical and mental stamina. Proper planning and support are also essential. It can take several years or more to develop these skills.

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Earlier today it was announced that Ncell, the Nepalese Telecom firm, is currently installing eight 3G telephone masts along the route to base camp Mt. Everest. The highest mast will be located 17,000ft (5,200m) above sea level, meaning that the signal will be able to reach the summit of Everest.

iphone maps don't work

mobile mapping may have to improve a little first.

This means that phone calls, texts, picture messaging and of course the internet will all be able to be accessed at the summit. That is of course if you want to risk taking your gloves off … though I dare say with this announcement there will be a company rubbing it’s hands in glee, for maybe they have a device that means the gloves can stay on and the hands stay toasty.

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Everest Summit: The Third Pole

Mount Everest, Eric Larsen's Third Pole. Source: Flickr by watchsmart

Earlier today polar explorer Eric Larsen summitted Mount Everest, the third pole in his three pole challenge. Along with the Arctic North pole and the Antarctic South Pole, the summit of Everest is referred to as the third pole. Whilst taking on the challenge of reaching each of these specific points may not be a new one, Eric Larsen has achieved his goal in a single year. It is also worth noting that Eric and his Sherpa guides are the only Everest summitteers in the Autumn season this year.

The main purpose of the three Poles challenge is to highlight the importance of these icy environments to the planet and the wildlife that they support:

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When it comes to finding out about adventures taking place across the globe one of the best places to look is The Adventure Blog. Written by Adventure Blogger Kraig Becker the main focus is on climbing expeditions in the Himalayas and polar expeditions in the Arctic and the Antarctic. However, it does not stop there. If there are any great adventures taking place anywhere in the world Kraig Becker will have it covered, from Ripley Davenport’s attempt to make a solo and unsupported trek across Mongolia to the Plastiki Expedition in which adventurer David de Rothschild is sailing his famous boat, made from more than 12,000 plastic bottles, from San Francisco to Sydney.

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Google is constantly seeking new information which it likes to share with the online world. One of the best examples of this is mapping. Satellite images are available for all to see on Google Earth. Google Maps not only features maps and aerial views, but for many parts of the world we can see what it looks like at street level with Google Street View. An immeasurable number of miles of roads in western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the USA have been photographed at road level. This is done using cars with 360 degree cameras mounted on the roof. The Google cars simply drive around filming our roads and streets.

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The Khumbu Icefall at Everest Base Camp is the destination for Khumbu teams 1,2 & 3.

The Khumbu Icefall at Everest Base Camp is the destination for Khumbu teams 1,2 & 3. Source: Flickr by mckaysavage

The Royal Navy Khumbu Challenge is currently under way in the Nepal Himalaya. This is particularly special expedition, since it is the inaugural expedition for Project Fortitude. Project Fortitude is a Royal Navy / Royal Marines initiative which will help service personnel who have been physically injured or who are suffering from psychological injuries. Through Adventure Training, Sport and Challenging Activities Project Fortitude can bring “Opportunity, Challenge, Focus, and Belonging” to injured personnel, which will help with long term rehabilitation. The Khumbu Challenge was officially launched last year by Prince Harry.

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The amount of international tourism is continually increasing. So it comes as no surprise that people who enjoy outdoor activities, such as climbing, hiking and walking, are able to take part in these activities in far flung places throughout the world. Many countries contain areas of outstanding natural beauty that offer exciting challenges and the experience of a life-time for outdoor enthusiasts. With the mighty Himalyan mountains in the north, India is certainly no exception.

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Here at CheapTents.com, we love it when people share their stories, write reviews, pass on outdoor industry news for us to then share, and what not, but we also like to raise the profile of outdoor sports athletes for sponsorship purposes and even for their charitable causes.  For this reason, make sure you contact us for more information.

Guys that did this just last week, are now featuring on our blog, and we will be following their progress over the coming year.  And we couldn’t be more happy to support them! Here’s what they’re getting up to…

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Royal Naval Mountaineering Expedition

Click this link for an update on Exercise Khumbu Challenge.

Exercise Khumbu Challenge is an armed forces mountaineering expedition to climb peaks around the foothills of Mount Everest, Nepal. Taking place in October / November 2009 it will involve 85 personnel from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, including those wounded or traumatised in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Prince Harry is the royal patron of Exercise Khumbu Challenge, which he launched at Devonport Naval Base earlier this month.

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Kevin Thaw’s Top 10 Tips for calling your mum from Everest’s summit

Kevin Thaw is a technical whiz on expeditions around the world.  Summiting Everest is one thing, but then imagine being given the task of dealing with communications too!  Considering there aren’t any phone boxes up there or internet cafe’s it’s quite a responsibility…

Chatting to your mates on top of Mount Everest is possible though, just follow these tips provided by Kevin Thaw in an interview with the timesonline.co.uk…

  1. Keep your mobile under your armpit or in your pocket – the cold wears the battery down faster
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