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The North York Moors National Park Authority is considering the idea of placing some low cost, eco-friendly camping huts along a popular walkers route, the Cleveland Way National Trail.

Accessibility right along the trail

The idea is that the 109 mile national trail is made even more accessible to families and groups, by developing eco-huts, essentially mountain bothies, along the route.

The Cleveland trail takes you from Helmsley to Filey, via Saltburn, a very scenic walk for a long weekend following the Heritage Coast by Scarborough.

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Mountain bothies provide a great way to escape from the wind and cold, and provide an added bit of protection and security.  Staying in bothies provides an added bit of adventure and is certainly recommended by the CheapTents.com team!

Mountain Bothy

So what are mountain bothies?

A bothy of the mountain variety is typically a stone-built building, usually one floor, and with a tin or slate roof.

They are a safehaven for planned and unplanned stops when out running, walking or mountain biking in the hills.

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Criterion Sleeping Bags