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One of the reasons I, like so many others, read outdoor sports magazines is that we think “I could do that given half a chance (and a little bit more skill!)”…but the question is, what or who would your be if given half a chance?

Is there a form of sport or leisure pursuit that you would like to be world-renowned at?


Free Climber? Adventure Runner? Mountain Climber? Downhill Mountain Biker? Intrepid traveler or Global Backpacker? Alpinist? Big Wall Climber? Cross-country Mountain Biker?  Hot air balloon pilot? Ocean Dinghy Sailer?  Skier?  Nordic Walker? Ultra-marathon runner?  Professional Bungee jumper? Haggis Hurler? Snowshoer? Snowkiter? Toe wrestler? Outdoor swimming?  Rowing? Parasailing? Free Running? Paraglider? Hangglider? Bicylcle Polo? White Water Rafter? Kayaker? Ultimate Frisbeer?…the list is actually endless!

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags