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Blue Plaque at 86 Crofton Avenue, Timperley

The blue plaque commemorating
Benny Rothman

It is hard to imagine now, that in the past, wealthy land owners would not allow the general public on their land. Yet without direct action taken by Bernard “Benny” Rothman and others, we would not be able to enjoy walking and hiking in the British countryside to the extent that so many of us do. As you may or may not know, Benny Rothman was instrumental in the 1932 mass trespass on Kinder Scout. A detailed account of the trespass, its place in British history and how it led to the formation of our National Parks and the Countryside and Rights of Way Act can be found on the Kinder Trespass website.

In April 1932 over 400 people participated in a mass trespass onto Kinder Scout, a bleak moorland plateau, the highest terrain in the Peak District.

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A brown hare, sitting in the grass

Brown Hare.
Photocredit: Dave Pollard.

One of the joys walking in the countryside is being able to observe the wildlife that lives there. Usually small mammals tend to hide out of site, so when we do see them, it is always a high point of the day.

One of our favourite British mammals is the hare. With their long ears and slender body they are certainly handsome animals. In the springtime, when brown hares perform their mad boxing routines, watching them is especially wonderful.

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Over a two week period, 15th – 31st October, Bollington will hold it’s first walking festival. The two weeks will include over 30 walks and rambles, including child friendly activities, and many social events.

The Bollington Walking Festival

White Nancy - Source Flikr AliceRosen

Bollington is nestled in the Cheshire Peak District, close to Macclesfield. Bollington’s surroundings are ideal for walkers of all levels. This means for some of the walks you will need walking boots but for others just some comfy trainers will do. However, don’t forget to pack a waterproof jacket.

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Photo of Nant Gwynant Valley, Snowdonia on CNP Flyer.

Campaign for National Parks Flyer featuring Nant Gwynant Valley, Snowdonia. Photo K.J. Richardson.

Recently, when opening a copy of Summit magazine, out popped a flyer on which was a scenic photograph showing fields, trees, a lake and mountains. Printed at the top was a bold proclamation: “keep beautiful places safe.” Usually flyers that pop out of magazines are lucky to even get a cursory glance before going straight in the recycle bin, but this one piqued my curiosity. It turned out to be advertising the Campaign for National Parks (CNP). Not to be confused with NCP, who like to cover place with over priced car parks, the CNP is an organisation that aims to protect our National Parks. Being a regular visitor to National Parks such as the Peak District and the Lake District, I was surprised that I had not heard of this organisation before.

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Help the Nine Edges Endurance Event run smoothly by becoming a marshall for the day…

Edale Mountain Rescue Team needs marshals to help on the Nine Edges Endurance event on Saturday 27th September. This is becoming one of most prestigious and accessible endurance events in the area.

What is the Nine Edges Event?

The Nine Edges Endurances gives you the choice of whether to hike, run, climb or bike the route, so reaches out to all abilities and outdoor sporting enthusiasts.

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