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Christmas Santa Race

Christmas Santa Race, Source: Flickr, Andre Pierre

I’m subscribed to Runners World mailing list so this morning I got a message gently reminding me, along with many subscribers, that I need to do more running – the cheek!  It’s not as if I stopped running a month ago or anything, OK, that’s not completely true, but for good reasons thank you very much [bad back]!!

Well if anyone’s interested in running over Christmas, there’s quite a large number available over Christmas.  Maybe check-out one of these:

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Live for the Outdoors (LFTO) wrote a serious, advisory post following an article in Trail Magazine about reasons that should make you think about turning back before reaching the summit.  Whether you are a walker, mountaineer, mountain biker, skier, runner or other, these reasons are certainly worth considering:

  1. Bad Weather – snow, rain, cold and wind can all come in severe doses, so make sure your prepared but sometimes preparation isn’t enough, so know your limits!
  2. Weather Hazards – associated consequences from bad weather such as rockfalls and lightning
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Walking, Running and Riding is not just a weekend activity!

It’s funny how most of us wait until the weekend to go walking or running in lush countryside…but why?

Go for a Walk in your Lunchbreak

Have you ever done a satellite-view search in Google Maps to see what greenery there is near your workplace or home? It’s very interesting, as there’s often pockets of greenery in places near to you that you weren’t aware of.

Take a look at Google Maps and see if you can find any green gold mines! From the head office’s doorstep you would not imagine how much greenery there is beyond a few buildings, but it looks like this:
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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags