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The Heyerdahl 2 from The North Face is a 2 person, 3 season tunnel tent weighing 2.81 kg. In this review we will take a detailed look at the design and features of the Heyerdahl 2, to help you decide if this is the right tent for you.

2 person tunnel tent - TNF Heyerdahl 2

The North Face Heyerdahl 2 tunnel tent

Pitching the Heyerdahl Tent

The Heyerdahl 2, like its larger brother the Heyerdahl 3, is an all round camping tent.

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We are currently stocking a range of excellent two berth tents designed for backpacking and general camping. Detailed information about these tents can be found via the ultralight tents and lightweight tent sections of our website. To help you choose the most suitable tent for your requirements here is a round up of some of the latest models, although we stock many more. These tents are manufactured by leading brands in the outdoor industry such as Force Ten, The North Face, Nordisk, Jack Wolfskin and Vango. Please note that RRPs quoted in this post are from May 2015.

Single arch 2 person tents

The Nordisk Telemark 2 LW and The North Face 02
Single arch ultralight tents

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Some of us have a tent for every camping scenario. Our resident gear junkie Martyn had at last count 5 tents (maybe he’s looking to open his own camping store!) If you go camping very regularly and have the money it makes sense to have tents each designed for specific purposes, e.g. wild camping, microadventures, winter camping, mountain camping, staying at a campsite etc. Most of us don’t live in this camping utopia and we have to make do with an all-round lightweight camping tent for a variety of types of camping.

We often get asked by our customers the question that I am meandering towards and that is “what makes a good all-round tent?”

Scorpion 2 Multi-Purpose Tent

The Scorpion 2 Tent from Snugpak – A Superb All-Rounder

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Update: The Vaude Taurus 2 has been discontinued. Instead we recommend the The North Face Heyerdahl 3, which is a 3 person, 3 season tunnel tent.

The Vaude Taurus 2 is a 3 man, 3 season tent which weighs in at 2.69 kg. The tent construction is a Curved “A” Reinforced Ridge which is very stable and offers good internal height at the door. The Taurus 2 is an all-in-one pitch which enables the tent to be pitched by one person fairly easily regardless of weather conditions. Although listed for 3 persons we do feel that most users will use it as a 2 person tent, as it’s a great tent for 2 people camping.

vaude taurus 2 tent review

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The Taurus UL 2P is a classic ultralight weight 2 person tent from Vaude.

Pitching the Taurus Ultralight is an easy task, it has two main poles that slip into the guide channels very easily along with 2 very short poles built into the tent at the feet end, these poles widen the bottom of the tent for more leg room. You can pitch the inner and outer at the same time – an essential feature when its the end of a long day and the rain is coming down hard.

Vaude Taurus Ultralight

Vaude Taurus Ultralight

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Lightwave Tent BackpackingWe can proudly announce that in just 2 weeks we will be selling an excellent range of Lightwave tents.

Update: Lightwave Tents are now available!  See Lightwave Tents here!!!

Here at CheapTents.com, we truly love lightweight tents that can take a bit of battering from the weather people face in the UK and beyond.  It’s why we have become so fond of the build-quality of the Lightwave range of tents.  We think they are certainly amongst the best tents available and don’t use the words ‘best tents’ lightly!

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Update: We no longer stock the Voyager Superlite and instead recommend The North Face Triarch tent which has similar specifications.

About Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a UK company, based in Derbyshire specialising in ultra lightweight and mountain tents.

The drive to surpass even our most exacting customers’ expectations leads to new developments being made throughout Terra Nova. Most recently we beat our own Guinness World Record for the lightest tent in the world with the Laser Competition, weighing just 940g complete or 860g at its’ minimum weight.
At Terra Nova our aim is to continually extend our horizons and our outdoor product range in order for us to achieve our mission to be ‘Best in Class’.

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